Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vegan MoFo Day#27-Peanut Butter,Jelly,Grilled Onions,Brussel Sprout,and Tomato Sammich

peanut butter,grilled onions,brussel sprout,tomato sammich1
Peanut Butter,Grape Jelly,Grilled Onions,Brussel Sprout,and Tomato Sammich

okay,how good is jelly in savoury things?
i quess i never really thought of it until i got this smucker's jelly cookbook which uses jelly in just about everything,savoury and sweet.and then i thought about that rayray article from last winter for pb&j 'wings'.

peanut butter,grilled onions,brussel sprout,tomato sammich2

so i decided to pair up pb&j with grilled onions,brussel sprouts,and tomatoes.
it's kind of all about the grilled onions and salt n pepper b/c it way balances out the sweetness,but combined with the tomato is like eating burger toppings.and peanut butter on burgers works,amirite?
and brussel sprouts just because it needed a green and why lettuce when cooked brussels was what i had and i guess makes it feel seasonal.

i mean,look at those grape-jellied grilled onions!delish,right?!try iiiit!or atleast something similar...


nora said...

ahhh this is maybe the first sandwich i'm not on board with. i'm okay with the onions, but the brussels and tomato are freaking me out!

The Kuntrageous Vegan said...

this is kinda freaking me out. i can't do it. LOL.

Jain said...

No. It's just plain wrong.


herbivore said...

Hmm interesting. At the place I work at we have a raspberry turkey sandwich, which seems a little odd to me. I'd try it if you made me one.

kittee said...

this one hurts, rayray. make it stop!


Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

You are blowing my mind right now. What brand of jelly did you use for that sandwich? It's SO purple and I love it!

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

okay, WHAT?!