Friday, June 11, 2010

I Can't Stop Making Banana Bread,Return of The Mango,White Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies,Danishes,Drawings,Parades,Bakesales,Frozen Desserts

Peanut Butter Swirl Banana Bread.
the BEST banana bread EVER.period.c'mon.peanut butter.bananas.banana bread.end.
i like to use crunchy,btw.nice texture to the bread.
so awesome.


good morning.crunchy,creamy,bananay,peanut buttery,hairbendery,microfoamy,goodness.

also amazing for...
peanut butter swirl banana bread with grape jelly.

improving the pb&j.or the pb&j&b.heh.

mango banana bread.
Mango Banana Bread.

i know.mangos?but what about yr digestive tract?'s mango season,and this is just a teaser.more mango madness to come.

Banana Bread French Toast with Carmelized Bananas and Candied Pecans.
i needed as many banana peels as possible for my 3DD final project,so i baked a lot of banana bread.
saved some,let it get stale,and made french do you make banana bread even better?fry it with a lot of sugar,nuts,maple syrup,and more bananas-DUH.

Strawberry Almond Banana Bread.
super moist from the strawberries,but delightfully crunchy from the almonds.heck yes.

two ways to enjoy:
with latte,from stumptown for breakfast.

slathered with peanut butter.zomg.

Calimryna Fig Banana Bread.
crunchy,chewy dried figs,ya'll can hangout in my banana bread any time.
great melange of textures.

moving away from banana bread..

white chocolate peanut butter banana oatmeal cookie sammich.
White Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies Sammiches.
the best cookies ever,dolled up with white chocolate peanut butter and studded with vegan white chips,spread thick with more white chocolate pb,and some fat banana slices.heeey-o. shame...

how about with raspberry jam and more white chocolate wonderful,for a super healthy pb&j?!


Chocolate Chunk Cookies.
old school,easy,perfect,pleasing.why not?

and why not enjoy with an ecco kaffe el salvador espresso macchiato at kaffe 1668?eh?

Strawberry Banana Danish.
i'm so glad strawberries are at the farmer's market(and everywhere else...)now.local,ripe strawberries are amazing,bananas are amazing,and oh yeah,maybe flaky pastry is,too.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars.
with (speaking of!)fresh strawberries and strawberry jelly.
these are ridiculous.fudgy,rich,pb blondies and thick ooey fruit swirl.often i wonder how a pb&j can be improved on..oh wait...


and there's been quite a few special baking orders....

Triple Chocolate Layer Cake
for a dad's birthday.
well,diana's dad's...but making this cake is how i met diana!good to meet new vegan friends.especially though making moist chocolate cake with 2 types of chocolate frosting/filling for their father's birthdays.


Cherry Pretzel Danishes.
when i was asked to make these at first,i thought it sounded crazy.
then i tried the baker's of the baker's dozen...

sweet,salty,gooey,crunchy,soft,hard...oh man.oh,and flaky and buttery.hi.

danishes for sale at everyman espresso...(fridays and sundays!!!)

and of course,ice cream.from..where else but...
lula's at blossom.
cafe blossom?!
oh,wait,they carry ice cream from lula's now!
awesome,of course.

cookies n cream.
cookies n cream cone.

and actually at lula's...

tart ice cream-lime and sour cherry.whaaat?

home made white chocolate peanut butter oatmeal cookie and cake batter/chocolate twist softserve.
white chocolate peanut butter banana oatmeal cookie with cakebatter/chocolate twist softserve.

peach on cake batter.

frank got drumstick,because he's a drummer.good one.

and of course,kyotofu softserves!
azuki bean softserve with mixed berry compote.
azuki bean with mixed berry compote.
deliciously bean-y.really.i mean,c''s bean flavoured!
anyways,mixed berry compote is amazing to mcdonald's strawberry sauce...possibly better...

sweet corn softserve.
sweet corn and chocolate twist.
like chocolate chips in popcorn.but cold.i swear.


miso softserve.with mixed berry compote.
the miso ice cream was slightly salty,sweet,and creamy.imagine miso tahini spread ramped up in sweetness a bit,as ice cream.

banana chocolate swirl gelato,mango sorbet,banana slices & toasted coconut cone.
Banana Chocolate Swirl Gelato and Mango Sorbet with Banana Slices and Toasted Coconut.
simply amazing.made in store at the tribeca whole foods.banana chocolate love,too/

chocolate chip marble bundt cake,alamode,at candle cafe.

rice dream mint pie.

new,delicious,and FREE.i ate a whole pint.
new,delicious,and FREE!i ate an entire pint...

and,have you heard of NYCicy?

Coconut Icy and Mango-Basil Icy.
i thought basil would be weird,but no.
so refreshing.i mean,it's not ice cream,more like sorbet,better than a popsicle(not talking bad about popsicles...)but fantastic nonetheless.


end of ice cream-y treats.

and here's some delicious-ness,eaten out,that...
a)wasn't my baking
b)wasn't from lula's
c)might be vegan junk food

Sweet and Sara Rocky Road Bark.
WHY haven't i tried this after seeing it for like over a year?it was so perfect all on its own-i LOVED how many nuts there were.
this would be marvelous doused in ice cream.good thing lula's carries em...

Sweet and Sara Rice Krispie Treat.
tastes like kindergarten recess.smells like home,too.

yeah,i wasn't lying when i said that rescue chocolate peanut butter pitbulls may be the greatest chocolate bars ever...

did you know that rice dream made chocolate bars now,too?i love the rice crunch and their version of milk chocolate,and i never thought i was crazy about raspberries in chocolate,but freeze dried raspberries in chocolate is umm,well amazing.same with the chocolove version.

pb&j thumbprint cookie from the new 'snice in soho.

super dense,in the best way possibly,and ridiculously peanut buttery.
oh,and did i mention free,since the kitchen was closed and i guess the cashier felt bad?it was "'snice".har.

i'm glad there's a new 'snice...

banana chocolate chip muffin.

though the coffee still needs work...

early grey bundt with lemon icing.
full of amazing,crunchy,candied almonds.actually,a great slice of cake.

caramel corn from lifethyme.
kind of the way that you have to eat the entire bag at once while waiting for the train to go to dinner.hey.

and when dinner is at peacefood cafe,you might just start with a...
cinnamon roll.

and end with their super-moist...

carrot cake.

2 desserts full of walnuts,brown sugar,and cream cheese frosting.mmm.

so yeah,it's been a ridiculously busy month and a half....

school ended-i did the biggest drawing i've ever done.
-all ballpoint pen.



i moved.

veggie pride parade-melisser was here!


selling baked goods,making cakes,etc.

sold 3 drawings(!!!)

world wide vegan bake sale 2.

my goods!


and i ate the...

fattest banana ever.

sorry for the non-blogging,and un-cohesive entries.been baking a ton and experiencing many vegan desserts,but things are busy and there's not a ton of time to do everything.but it'll improve,i swear.if you really care.hey,that rhymes.heh.

and i'll end what's been consuming most of my time the past week...