Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Vegan MoFoDay#1-Welcome Fall,Welcome Orange,Welcome Squash...oh yeah Welcome Vegan MoFo and Peanut Butter,too!

that squash is steamed.
hi.welcome to my vegan mofo.
i am just going to write about peanut butter every single day,as per last and fun,huh?

baked squashes.
let's start with squash and peanut butter.this is baked kabocha squash-my personal favourite squash.

it's in season right now,and until march or so,but I buy and cook them all year,and was actually eating squash all summer.they last forever,too,and all you have to do to cook it is split them in half,take out the guts,and bake at 400 degrees for 35-60 minutes until jucies come out and is bright orange and smells amazing.

i like to eat kabocha squash with peanut butter,specifically.
this is kabocha squash with sea salt,crunchy peanut butter,banana and flame raisins.kind of like a sammich,with the skin as the bread.or something?kinna weird to most people,but try it!


kabocha and on a log.
like regular ants on a long,but a different long orange vegetable.and yeah,okay,a lot of the time ants on a log is on celery,but carrots,too!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

of ice cream and coffee.

my first ice cream back;
first ice cream back in new york:
vanilla malt ice cream
peanut butter fudge ice cream
cake batter softserve
best first thing to eat(besides the coffee)when getting to new york.

from lula's sweet apothecary,of course.

hi.i moved to nyc for school a few weeks ago,and have been really busy and still will be,but i thought i'd share some sweet stuff that's been going on.yay!

pb&j ice cream
banana walnut ice cream

2nd time at lula's-in a big cup.probably my new all time favourite-the pb&j that is.
sweet n salty with just enough jam,zedohmygawd.

banana split time
and third time's a charm;
banana split,pb&j ice cream,ginger molases ice cream,peanut butter fudge ice cream,cookies n cream ice cream
whizzers(vegan m&ms),1 crushed ginger newman o,whipped cream,maraschino cherry,banana


not mine...

i also went to stogo

i had peanut butter fudge and salted caramel pecan.
i was really excited b/c they had soem pretty excitied flavours,but the peanut butter fudge was really watery and icy and i didn't want to finish it-shoulda sampled it first,that's what happened with the oatmeal raisin cookie flavour,which i really wanted.don't see how you could eff up a peanut butter ice cream,but whatever,at least the salted caramel one was good.

i've also been drinking a lot of coffee here;probably start a blog just for that here's a preview;
gimme!coffee in soho:

first espresso off the plane.dark,super chocolate-y,smoky,awesome.

first gibraltar ever.and not the last.

el beit in williamsburg:

serving 49th parallel-i had better the morning pervious in vancouver.

think coffee on bowery:


9th street espresso in chelsea market:

on 10th street:

on 9th street:

variety in williamsburg:

stumptown in nyc.meh.

kaffe 1668:

third rail coffee:


blue spoon cafe:
crazy...strong and delicious
craziest,thickest,macchiato ever.and it was good.

gorilla coffee:

kinda really burnt.

cafe grumpy park slope:



oslo coffee on metropolitan:

everyman espresso:


cafe pedlar:

ground support:



tribeca whole foods