Saturday, March 28, 2009

Insane Brownie-Chunk Mint-Cookie N Cream Layer Cake!!!

browniechunkmintcookiesncreamcake 025
Brownie-Chunk Mint-Cookies N Cream Layer Cake.

My little brother Tubb had his birthday on March 15th.So to celebrate,I made him this cake.

browniechunkmintcookiesncreamcake 013

-2 layers of chocolate cake
-mint cookies n cream buttercream made with peppermint joe joe's
-a pile of mint fudge bronwies ontop
-lots of gooey fudgey ganache
more peppermint joe joes.

browniechunkmintcookiesncreamcake 023

You see,last year I made him this "Insane S'mores Cake with lots of Marshmallows",which earned me free marshies from Sweet & Sara(thanks again!!!) and felt I had to,if not out-do myself,at least attempt birthday cake greatness/over-the-top deliciousness.

browniechunkmintcookiesncreamcake 009

a very happy birthday boy!

browniechunkmintcookiesncreamcake 027

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lots of Ice Cream in LA;Peanut Butter Parfait;Kind-of-Amazing Coffees;&&& More

southerncalifornia! 030
Peanut Butter Chocolate,Vanilla Crumb,and Hazelnut Oreo Ice Cream at Scoops in LA.
So after getting a $45 plane ticket to Southern California instead of driving and waiting at the airport for 4 hours to get picked up by my best friend who had been there for 4 hours too and was just waiting at the wrong terminal,we went to Scoops.The ice cream was kind of amazing.But not the best ever.I still think that Lula's Sweet Apothecary in NYC has had the best vegan ice cream i've ever had,but this was much better than Maggie Mudd in San Francisco,and I thought Maggie Mudd was great.

southerncalifornia! 029
Guava Sorbet and Vanilla-Chocolate Ice Cream

southerncalifornia! 025
southerncalifornia! 024
southerncalifornia! 022
southerncalifornia! 019

southerncalifornia! 028

southerncalifornia! 031

southerncalifornia! 083
Two days later I went back to Scoops with my friend Ashley and Desiree and had Coffee-Molasses Ice Cream.

coffee molasses
it was soo good.
A LOT like the starbucks coffee ice cream i used to eat from bristol farms in like 1999.but also kind of like an uncle eddies molasses cookie.zedomg.

vegan peanut butter chips!
that is a vegan peanut butter chip.
they had peanut butter chip ice cream,but by the time i got there,there was only enough for a sample-not even a scoop.

southerncalifornia! 066
I know,sacrelige,but here's some "real" food. I love the Kale Salad with Spicy Peanut Sauce at M Cafe on Melrose. I mentioned how much I love kabocha squash before,and next to that is a Kabocha Cous Cous Salad. It was mostly mashed squash,but with a nice textural bite/clump of cous cous every once in a while. Together,the two salads were even better.

southerncalifornia! 068
Ashley had the Club Sammich,which I had there about 2 years ago the first time I ever went,and Liz had last year,sans tomatoes.

southerncalifornia! 067
Desiree had some crazy huge sammich that wasn't as good as the club,and I thought it tasted like pizza,but she liked it.

southerncalifornia! 072

southerncalifornia! 065

southerncalifornia! 064

southerncalifornia! 063

southerncalifornia! 081

southerncalifornia! 095

green tea ice cream with fried banana
Green Tea Ice Cream with Fried Bananas at Wheel Of Life in Irvine.
The fried bananas were sooooo good.I kinna wish it was peanut butter ice cream,but green tea was nice.Not too sweet,but not grossly unsweet.I had no idea that Wheel had desserts,which I think I would have since I first went there when I was 12(!) and had been vegetarian for less than a year.I used to really like the orange chicken,but I can't stand fake meat anymore.And i've tried it since.

green tea ice cream with fried banana

southerncalifornia! 099

'better than cheesecake'
'Better than Cheesecake'.
Apparently it's their most popular dessert.I didn't like it after the first bite,but then it grew on me,and I finished it,so it was good.I'm just not huge on cheesecake,but if you are,then I think you'd like it.

open mouths


alan voo
alan voo,desiree and ashley's cat,is the best.


Did you know that they opened a Native Foods in Aliso Viejo?
This is only kinna a big deal because I used to hangout in front of those movie theatres every Friday night in middle school,when I attended Aliso Viejo Middle School.So I used to go to the Native in Costa Mesa,I started going there when I was 13 and go to that one with Orange County friends whenever I visit,but now there's one 5 minutes away instead of 20 minutes away,so we just went to the AV one,kinna a lot.Well,Chris and I went there twice and the CM one twice during my 5 day trip,so...

Native Caesar.

some posole soup.part of the bail-out special.

bailout special number 2
Seitan Peppersteak Sandwich.
It had a suuuper yummy broth to dip into.I had this last April at the Costa Mesa location,but we got it because it was the special that day-though not the bail-out special like Chris thought.

and steamed vegetables
just steamed vegetables.
NOT grilled.and with kale.thanks greg.

i love greg
Oh,this is Greg.He's Chris and my new BFF.He works at the Aliso Native AND at the Laguna Woods Mother's Market.
how freaking vegan is he?!

so vegan

Enough messing around.Here's the most important thing about Native

peanut butter parfait

SO good.Chris and I had these every night for 3 consecutive nights.Well,Chris had one for breakfast once instead,but still.

boogie bar
Boogie Bars.
Yes,there's chunks of the boogie bars in the parfaits,but you really need to buy a separate chunk of boogie to go along with the parfait.

peanut butter parfait mustache 1st night

peanut butter parfait mustache 3rd night
what can I say?

peanut butter parfait mustache 1st night

peanut butter parfait mustache 2nd night
3 nights,3 moustaches.


raw pudding mustahce
raw chocolate pudding 'stache at Aliso Native Foods.

tanya and i
Oh,and I met Tanya,the owner/mastermind behind Native.She's on the cover of the cookbook.Well,her cookbook.Ummm uhhh yeah anyways,it was awesome,we just started talking and I ended up showing her my sketchbook and her,Chris,and I ended up talking for like half an hour!She has a lot of energy and ideas,and really liked to talk.awesome.


In LA there's an awesome 7-11 type convenience store that is all eco-friendly and what-have-you and it's really awesome.It's called LOCALI.They have an agave-sweetened slurpee machine,hot pretzels,fresh vegan baked goods,a large freezer with raw ice cream,coconut milk ice cream and more,vegan truffle tarts in the fridge,pre-packed sammiches from M Cafe,vegan condoms,tons of books and chocolates and other stuff.The two staff working were suuuuper nice,too!


peanut butter apricot
This Michelle's Vegan Peanut Butter Apricot Cookie was actually really good.I wasn't expecting much since it's whole wheat and fruit juice sweetened,but it has a crunchy exterior with a chewy,sweet,peanut buttery inside.Though it was a bit crumbly.BUt the apricot chunks were fantastic!It's such a crazy combination,like it's not a "thing" or anything,and I just happen to maybe like both of them.

intelligentsia macchiato
soy macchiato at Intelligentsia in Silverlake.

intelligentsia cappuccino

Of course I HAD to go there.And I did.And I would go back in an instant,because it was really fantastic coffee.I've had Intelligentsia espresso before at Raging Bean and Wicked in Vancouver,so I knew the taste,and I knew that it would be good,but the baristas here actually knew wtf they were doing with soymilk(West Soy,apparently)and when I asked him to make my drink all pretty he said "that's how we do them".In a pretty snarky tone,too!It made me soooo happy.Though,I've never been to a more expensive coffee shop,so if you plan on going,plan on spending like at least $10 for 2 drinks.

intelligentsia macchiato

intelligentsia macchiato


Well,I guess that's my Southern California post!I did a bunch more stuff there,but it wasn't related to veganism and baking and stuff,so I won't mention it.

intelligentsia macchiato