Monday, July 28, 2008

Peanut Butter and Banana Turnovers and Strawberries n Cream Tunrnovers

Yay!Making pastry dough isn't hard,it's fun!and flaky!and delicious!
Made these over two weeks ago,but they were great.
I was really offended when I heard about a recipe that called a fried tortilla filled with peanut butter and banana a turnover.It may be delicious,but it's a tortilla,not a turnover.and peanut butter!

Peanut Butter and Banana Turnovers
flaky peanut butter banana foldovers1

flaky peanut butter banana foldovers2

flaky peanut butter banana foldovers3

Strawberries n Cream Turnovers
flaky strawberries n cream foldovers1

flaky strawberries n cream foldovers2

And over 3 weeks ago now I was in Seattle.that means I went to Sidecar for Pig's Peace.It also means I made sure to pick up another one of these:
Sweet & Sara Peanut Butter S'mores.Definitley one of my favourite prepackaged dessert ever.

Monday, July 14, 2008

i am never buying storebought ice cream again.or an ice cream maker.

home made vanilla bean ice cream.made using mimiccreme.with no ice cream maker.made in the blender.takes longer,but i got perfect texture.vegan and soy-free.with organic vanilla beans my dad got while working in uganda. last year.

i will never buy store bought ice cream good.




seriously,probably the best vegan vanilla ice cream i've had.thought maybe the vanilla softserve at blossoming lotus was's a tough call,and it's been a while.
i can't wait to make other chocolate chip cookie dough.and cherry chocolate chunk.and cheesecake ice cream with actual chunks of cheesecake.yes.

No-Ice Cream Maker Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Recipe

to make this,this is what i did:
3 cups sweetened mimiccreme
1/4 cup granulated sugar
2 tsp vanilla extract
2 vanilla beans,scraped
a pinch sea salt

1.blend all thoroughly until very smooth in blender.

2.pour into ice cubes trays(i used 2.5)and freeze completely.

3.add cream mixture ice cubes back into blender and blend.a lot.until very smooth and creamy.stick blender in freezer about 2-3 hours. won't be completely frozen at this point,quite soft still.turn blender on again and whip/blend the mixture around until very smooth and creamy.will look like a super thick milkshake going round.

5.pour mixture into an airtight container(i used a plastic one that i bought something in bulk in once) and put in freezer.let freeze a lot.i left mine for about
6.5 hours and was good and frozen enough when i went to eat can check earlier,but it might still be very soft.

this stuff is soo good.and it doesn't freeze rock solid-it freezes like good ice cream does,where if i apply a lot of pressure from the sides of the container i don't feel like my hand will break off.

i love you mimiccreme!
but do you think this might work as well with coconut milk/soy creamer?i might just try.

Friday, July 11, 2008

PB+J Danish + 3 more and strawberries!

So after the success of the danishes at the last EarthSave potluck, Alison(ex-office manager) and Ben(current office manager) of EarthSave Canada both asked me to make them Danishes. And I sure did:

Peanut Butter and Jam Danish:

with new an improved peanut butter filling.My favourite danish.


Strawberry Chocolate Danish:
chocolate strawberry danish

Strawberry Cheese Danish:
strawberry cheese danish

Almond Chocolate White Chocolate Danish:
almond chocolate white chocolate danish

I know that they went over famously because Ben cute one or two up and let everyone at EarthSave for the day and everyone in all the other offices at the SPEC building have some and I got many thanks from random people for the Danish. Kate, who’s on the board of directors dropped by for a couple of minutes and about 10 after she left she phoned to say that the Danish she took was good.Heh.

u-pick local strawberries

I ran into Mimi on Monday morning and she told me to go by her house and she’d leave me a bag of local strawberries from when she went to a u-pick farm the week before. Well after sitting outside in the sun in a Ziploc bag there was a ton of strawberry juice the strawberries were now floating in. I tried some right from the bag and these were the best strawberries I have ever tasted. So flavourful. Incredible. So I used the strawberries and the juice to make some filling for the danishes. It’s just like strawberry jam, but it’s not.

homemade strawberry jam


Now I would like to say thank you to KT who introduced me to Danish making after bisquing forever about wanting Danishes. And lolo never gave the Danish recipe to us testers for her book last year, but who needs that now?
KT is an incredible baker at Sweetpea Bakery in Portland,OR.y’know,in that mimi mall or whateyvar. She takes really beautiful pictures of cakes and other things she bakes and here’s a review of Sweetpea. I tried a bunch of Sweetpea stuff last year from New Seasons(Sinclair?) but I’m super excited to go to the actual bakery-‘specially because Katie’s there.



Thursday, July 3, 2008

MORE danishes?!

blueberry white chocolate danish.

blueberry white chocolate danish.

made these for an earthsavecanada potluck tonight.when i got home i saw this posted on their message board from denise:

"This isn't strictly an "Ask Evan" post. It is a statement that anyone who hasn't tried Evan's vegan danishes has simply not lived. There is no chance in hell I could keep my weight under 200 pounds if those danishes were readily available. So I'm not sure if it is a good idea to ask for the recipe. Hmmm :roll:"

and nancy:
"I'm not sure they should be called danishes, though. They were way tastier than any danish I've ever had!"

strawberry cheese danish.

strawberry cheese danish.

apricot almond danish.

apricot almond danish.

chocolate berry danish

chocolate berry danish.

home made peanut butter ice cream-and i didn't even need an ice cream maker!!from vegetarian times.

home made peanut butter ice cream

pretzel thing.
bar/cookie thingy of peanuts and pretzels,coated with dark chocolate,peanut butter and jam,then coated with more chocolate.

Picture 26pretzel thing.