Thursday, July 3, 2008

MORE danishes?!

blueberry white chocolate danish.

blueberry white chocolate danish.

made these for an earthsavecanada potluck tonight.when i got home i saw this posted on their message board from denise:

"This isn't strictly an "Ask Evan" post. It is a statement that anyone who hasn't tried Evan's vegan danishes has simply not lived. There is no chance in hell I could keep my weight under 200 pounds if those danishes were readily available. So I'm not sure if it is a good idea to ask for the recipe. Hmmm :roll:"

and nancy:
"I'm not sure they should be called danishes, though. They were way tastier than any danish I've ever had!"

strawberry cheese danish.

strawberry cheese danish.

apricot almond danish.

apricot almond danish.

chocolate berry danish

chocolate berry danish.

home made peanut butter ice cream-and i didn't even need an ice cream maker!!from vegetarian times.

home made peanut butter ice cream

pretzel thing.
bar/cookie thingy of peanuts and pretzels,coated with dark chocolate,peanut butter and jam,then coated with more chocolate.

Picture 26pretzel thing.


CeciLiA said...

Oh my goodness, you are killing me here! I'm crying here ... send me some of that chocolate danishes please .... T____T

VeggieGirl said...

I need to try one of your danishes!! I want to live!! :0D

Oooh, that "pretzel thing" looks decadent and delicious as well - yum!!

Peace by Pastries said...

i'm not sure i've ever wanted anything more in my entire life. i neeeeed one! :)

Vegyogini said...

Do you remember which issue of Vegetarian Times had the PB ice cream recipe in it? Your danishes look delicious; I'm jealous of all who have been able to taste them!

bjorkedoff said...

vegygioni-it's in the most recent issue-summer says "home made vegan ice cream" as a subtitle on the cover!

Kate said...

Oh wow, your danishes look like pieaces of heaven!

DJ said...

Looking at your photos leaves me feeling decadent and slightly full... !

tofufreak said...


where'd you get the recipe anyhow? or did you come up with it?

Anonymous said...

props for the photos! they are always so nice...

Abbie Rae Harris said...

That pretzel thing. Omigod.

Anonymous said...

Okay, for all the drooling fans... haven't tried the recipe, but there is one on The Village Vegan blog: see .

Too good not to share...

Sere said...

Hi! would you be so kind to send me the peanut butter ice cream recipe via e-mail? you can find my address in my profile :-)

tnks a lot rachael!