Thursday, June 26, 2008

DANISH!and Danish sundae,and Nutella!


Coconut Mango Danishes & Sundaes
So there’s a big long story behind these. Well, not really. There’s gonna be a coconut mango muffin in Isa’s brunch book. exciting no? Anyways, for the past month and a half I‘ve been eating a fresh mango every single day. And I’m not exaggerating, I think I’ve missed like 3 days, and they were either due to work conflicts or being sick. Anyways, so I really love mangoes. And I happened to have mango jam. Well actually, I happen to have about 16 different jams in all sorts of crazy flavours, and this is a problem because I’m supposed to move at the end of the summer and I’m also supposed to be gone for a lot of the summer. Anyways, some of these crazy jams were bough with the thought of making danishes last summer, but some flake (ha! danish, flake, flakey pastry!i’m so clever!) never gave a recipe, which I’m just gonna assume didn’t actually exist, so I never made them and didn’t think about the jam. Well KT is like Jesus, basically, and I’ve made danishes a lot now. I’d even say I’m pretty good. So yeah, mango danishes just seemed too right, and coconut would go perfectly with it and be all tropical n stuff. And then I was like y’know what remember that coconut mango vegan ice cream stuff we always see but you assume sucks because the carrot cake it so mediocre? well lets try some. and I did. Then I was like sundaes!


And so then there was danishes, with ice cream, and coconut sauce/icing. And they were delicious. and my dad and I got into a really big argument/fight when he came to see me about something today and before he left, he took a Danish. Then like 20 minutes later, he phones me asking how I made something so good, and starts asking me about how I “got so good” at baking and learned and stuff. and then I tried to explain for a few minutes about vwav,mom,etc and he was just like yeah,but danishes are hard to make right? So I think we thought the danishes were the best.okay,well he did. and I won’t lie,they were pretty great. Having them with ice cream and topping was great-er.but seriously, they didn’t need it.


I don’t know where my spark went, but I can’t really think of anything else sassy and long and drawn out to say, so here is some Nutella Danishes!

That’s right!Vegan,too. In December, Joanne and Glenn, who are super awesome and do all the Liberation BC stuff bought me a gift certificate to Vegan Essentials for getting accepted to an art school. So I ordered some Chocoreale!


So yummy! I only started eating Nutella right before I became vegan, so I don’t have crazy old and fond memories of it. Though I only ever ate it straight from the jar. With peanut butter, as like 4am when I had a paper route and over winter break would stay up all night and when I delivered papers2-3 times a week and they came between 1am and 5am I would just do them at that time. I also remember telling my mom to initially buy it because of the funny name. When people used to say “what’s up?” or “what’s going on?”,etc… to me I would say “nuttin”,”get it? like nuts”(see,I am totally oozing with comic gold.)then one day I said it to my sister,but then said “nutella” instead and I laughed and thought Nutella was such a funny word, so I got some. Anyways, I made a filling for these with the Chocoreale and a chocolate hazelnut drizzle. And there’s chopped organic roasted hazelnuts in the centres, too, and chocolate covered hazelnuts. yum, chocolate and nuts!These were my sister’s favourite.


So yeah, I guess Danishes just rule! In their entire flaky, buttery, filled glory.


JillianRenee said...

Hi there. I love your blog. What recipe did you use for the danishes? They look forking perfect.

VeggieGirl said...

Oh my goodness, those danishes - AHH!! Divine.

Isa's brunch book is going to be A-MAZ-ING.

Animal-Friendly said...

Oh.My.Gosh. Your danishes looks WONDERFUL! I wish I had some mango jam..... (I don't think I've even seen it before!)

And I've never tried Chocoreale, but I loved Nutella back in the day, so a danish filled with it has got to be super yummy.

Katie said...

You are insane. And if you give my recipe to anyone, you're dead.

Anonymous said...

i too love mango. i have been eating one every single morning for breakfast for the past 2 months with my breakfast (strange) but they are so. good. and fun to eat!

and your danishes look amazing! ill have to look out for looks tantalizing on that apple!

Anonymous said...

Wowza! I'm drooling.

IsaChandra said...

I can't believe someone accepted you into a school.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

I would like to eat 100 Nutella danishes!!!

Wheeler's Frozen Dessert said...

That looks so yummy!

Jes said...

Those danishes look beyond amazing. Especially the vegan nutella ones. !!

Anonymous said...

I luv your blog but dear you need to get help. its obvious that you dont even eat the things that you claim to eat. You can never blame that on a fast metabolism or veganism, those are crappy excuses and you know it. Everybody probably knows that you have a problem. Just bcuz you post a whole bunch of pictures of foods that you don't even eat, or take pics with foods close to your mouth doesn't cover anything. You need to get help.

manuel addams said...

KATIE PLEEEASE, can you pass me your danish recipe, i swear that i don't give it to anyone, PLEEEASE! a huge hug.