Saturday, January 29, 2011


today i made vegan almond/chocolate bear claws
almond/chocolate bear claw pastries.


today i made bear claws.
they are fluffy,flaky,buttery pastries filled with a sweet 'n' creamy almond filling.and i made some chocolate ones.yeah.
real bakery stuffs.

almond filling.
almond filling.

i used my own recipe for pastry dough and then kind of winged the filling,which was only a few ingredients.
i'm pretty excited.i hope that you are,too.

bitten bear claw.

also,i am in love with the name "bear claw".claw.
i remember always seeing bear claws at starbucks when my sister worked there and i would visit her.
as i told jess earlier after i made these,starbucks is my biggest inspiration for you think i would ever be facetious?!

one more for good measure:
chocolate almond bear claw.