Wednesday, February 24, 2010

KABOCHA DANISHES!a Million Ways With PB&J,and Even More With (RASPBERRY CHOCOLATE CHUNK!)Banana Bread,Blondies,Vegan M&Ms,Classic Cookies,PB(duuh)ETC.

kabocha danish.
kabocha squash danish pastry.

kabocha danish.

pumpkin,sweet potatoes,why not kabocha squash?it's sweet,flavourful,a beautiful colour,AND the name make it sound exotic.
japanese pnkin is like my third favourite food in the world,and these were pretty rockin'.like a squash(or pumpkin pie)in a super flaky crust,AND portable.yum.

best food ever


okay...banana time!

pb,banana,choc chipdanish3
peanut butter banana chocolate chip danish.
everything good in this world world rolled into a flaky,puffy,pastry dough.

pb,banana,choc chipdanish2
umm hi.

latte & peanut butter banana chocolate chip danish.
Peanut Butter Banana Danish with Stumptown Latte.
the only POSSIBLY better breakfast i can think of would be...

mocha and banana bread peanut butter and banana sammich.
raspberry chocolate chunk banana bread made into a peanut butter and banana sammich with a mocha from stumptown.
i had espresso before the mocha,okay?!i know it's not 'real' coffee...
the night before i got this awesome freeze dried raspberry chocolate bats with theresa,so baked raspberry chocolate chunk banana bread.same banana bread as per usual,but with chunk of raspberry chocolate!


i had second thoughts on the mocha,but as dillion was pouring the chocolate he said "look at's practically want it."and i did.

raspberry chocolates.
awesome raspberry dark chocolate bars.

raspberry chocolate chunk banana bread.

there was A LOT of ripe bananas,so there was also a loaf made of...

raspberry swirl banana bread
raspberry swirl banana bread.

raspberry swirl banana bread-pb&j

except for when it was needed with chocolate, laborious!

and by sunday,there was leftover raspberry chocolate banana bread,just a bit,that hadn't been covered...perfect for...

leftover banana bread fronch toast.
chocolate banana bread fronch toast.
fronch toast from the classic 'vegan with a vengeance' made with the raspberry chocolate chunk banana bread instead of regular bread/baguette.served with peanut butter,icing,banana slices,and chocolate chips.
Z-O-M-G,is all i can really say.

leftover chocolate chip banana bread fronch toast.
no,neither too sugary,or too rich...

okay,well,i had a few danish orders this weekend,and was seeing a lot of people,and was already baking,so i decided to keep it up and bake even more...

vegan m&ms blondies.
like a giant chocolate chip cookie,with lots of edge faaaave.

blondies with vegan m&ms

blondie dough.
blondie dough fun.really.look at those colours!

THESE,i brought some with me to lula's to share with friends,including emma who i was meeting to get some danishes,too.

she had a crazy sundae,and technically i only had one scoop...
vegan 'm&ms' blondie with cakebatter softserve and caramel sauce.
vegan m&m's/smarties blondie with cakebatter softserve and caramel sauce @ lula's sweet apothecary.
umm edge pieces of blondies with candy coated chocolates drowning in softserve ice cream and caramel.ummm HELLO!y'know,like fran drescher might say.

this is justne.turns out she's friends with emma.funny,because i was getting coffee from her at stumptown that morning.oh,and every other morning for the past long while.small,crazy,world.

classic cross-hatched peanut butter cookies.
my mom's recipe,which is from my grandma,veganized,very simply.
sometimes simple things are bestest.or almost.

classic crosshatched peanut butter cookies.

crunchy is nice in these.textures thing up i guess.

cookie dough fun.

okay,so i thought i'd take a break from bombarding you with new danish pasty photos,but i had some order this weekend and here are some other highlights(though,y'know,i did post the most exciting ones impo...)

orange danish.
orange marmalade danish.

grape danish with mixed raisins.
grape danish with an assortment of raisins(sultana,thompson,flame,and golden)

fig danish.
turkish fig danish.

blueberry danish.
oh,and good ol' blueberry danishes for emma.

mini croissants.

and keeping with what i always used to do....

end with a coffee.
ecco brazil gibraltar @ kaffe 1668
ecco caffe single origin brazil espresso in a gibraltar at kaffe 1668.

ecco brazil gibraltar @ kaffe 1668
it'll be sad to see this one go.
though,i remember the day after christmas when they started serving it....oh.

crazy school time now.maybe more sweets next week...more bananas,too....

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day-Heart Shaped Danishes!!!and Banana Chocolate Chip,PB Swirl Banana Bread,Croissants,Milkshake,S'mores,n More!(sweets,that is...)

heart shaped valentines day danishes.
a plethora of heart-shaped raspberry danish pastries.

heart-shaped raspberry danishes for valentines day!
raspberry cream cheese heart-shaped danish.

raspberry-chocolate-almond heart shaped danish pastry!
chocolate almond raspberry heart-shaped danish.

stumptown cappuccino and raspberry heart shaped danish for valentines day!
cappuccino(from stumtown,ace hotel) with appropriate latte art and a heart-shaped danish.

heart danish.

v-day cappuccino.

precious AND appropriate,no?
perfect way to celebrate v-day.same danishes,just valentine-ized.
i'm still selling danishes,and will be until further notice,if anybody is interested.

not heart-shaped,but my fave from recntly:
home made banana chocolate chip danish.
banana chocolate chip danish.
what can i say?banana is the's a banana creme filling sprinkled with chocolate chips before baking,and a fresh banana slice that gets all caramelized and gooey in the center.yump.

speaking of bananas,this long-weekend also came with...

peanut butter swirl banana bread.
peanut butter-swirl banana bread.
the same,tried n true banana bread i always makes,but with a really rich and sweet and salty peanut butter filling layered and swirled into the loaf.the peanut butter parts are really dense and almost fudgy,but the banana bread part stays light,fluffy,yet moist.

peanut butter-swirl banana bread.

not baked,but...

medjool dates,peanut butter,bananas
medjool dates,peanut butter,bananas.

more peanut butter goodness from this weekend as well...

peanut butter oatmeal cookies. need for words.been said before-best.cookies.EVER.

peanut butter oatmeal cookie dough.
but the dough is the best part...

i even made some with coconut and chocolate chunks addeded in,peanut butter oatmeal coconut chocolate chunk cookie dough.a mouthful and a half.

oh,speaking of cookie dough...

cookie dough and peanut brittle milkshake
cookie dough and peanut brittle milkshake @ lula's sweet apothecary.
yeah,i'm sick of ice cream,and yeah i can't afford to be eating out,but YEAH,it was valentine's day and YEAH it was a cookie dough and peanut brittle milkshake.super thick,and valentine?

cookie dough and peanut brittle milkshake


charming even when he's not working,no?

there was gummi bears,too.

and sour ones...

peanut butter smores.
sweet and sara peanut butter s'mores...

but back at home earlier i had made

homemade sweet and sara s'mores with almond dark chocolate
s'mores with sweet and sara vegan marshmallows and trader joe's organic dark chocolate with almonds.
have i mentioned sweet and sara before?because they're awesome.
i liked the almonds in the s'more,too-extra crunch.

homemade sweet and sara s'mores with almond dark chocolate

well,that was a pretty sweet(pun intended...) valentine's weekend.hope yours was too.
and just to remind anybody who wasn't to get their hands on delicious vegan flaky pastry...

heart danishes!

home made mini chocolate croissants

there's croissants,too!so email/contact me!


vegan croissant.