Monday, February 8, 2010

GET VEGAN DANISHES IN NYC! and the NYC Vegan Bake Sale for Haiti...

home made peanut butter and jelly danish!

PB & J Danish.

Cherry Cheese Danish.

blueberry cream cheese danishes
Blueberry Danish.

hi everybody,
i'd like to announce that i am going to re-start selling flaky,puffy,buttery,delicious vegan danishes,like i was in vancouver,here in NYC.
if you or anybody you know are interested,please don't hesitateto contact me through email at insideoutelephant@hotmailcom or via the blog.
i've had a few orders to far,and am very flexible,and c'mon,where else are you gonna get a vegan danish here?especially ones this good?
look at that flaky could you resist?!

here's an assortment of varieties of danishes i've made in the past couple weeks:

apricot almond danish
apricot almond.

banana pecan danish
banana pecan.

chocolate cream cheese danish
chocolate cream cheese.

crunchy peanut butter danish
crunchy peanut butter.

pb&j danishes

cherry cheese danish
chunky cherry.


and also,exciting,there is CROISSANTS! too!
mini croissants-plain and chocolate

home made chocolate croissant.
mini chocolate croissants!

so don't be shy!

and in other (danish related,too) news, last weekend i baked for and volunteered at the super-awesome...

NYC Vegan Bake Sale for Haiti.

it was madness!i had never been to a bake sale so huge,vegan or not.there was a million different amazing desserts,and it was very ended up raising over $5,000!
great job to and big thanks to everybody who organized it and help out,i can't believe those people made it so big,and got so many donations and everything else.


plates o' berry cream cheese danishes at the bake sale.

i decided to bake danishes for the sale!i made blueberry,cherry,raspberry,strawberry,all with a cream cheese filling,pb&j,and some variations of the fruit flavours but with nuts.

name tag.

there was so many great volunteers-so i was relegated to 'photographer' and took pictures for hours,ate sweets,and kept nagging people trying to offer help with something because i felt bad.
check out the 100+ photo set here:

here's some highlights-if there's bite marks in it,it's probably one of the things i got to was all for a good cause-okay?!

huge cupcake shaped sugar cookie.
amazing sugar cookies.just like i used to get at albertsons.


chick o stick cake.
sarah sarchan made an amazing chick o stick cake!!!


peanut butter chocolate cheesecake.


only a few of the goods...


peanut butter fudge.
peanut butter fudge.

red bean buns.
red bean buns.


a few people who made the whole thing possible...



still warm.




nora said...

you ship to ca? :)

kittee said...

whoa, whoa, whoa.
y'all did such good work and everything looks so freakin' yumpy.


Sky said...

looks amazing... and i'm with nora: when you ship your danishes/croissants to ca i'm all over it. i'll also be in nyc in july and may have to put in an order then.... :)

Laura said...

I should not have viewed this first thing in the morning. Now I imagine some early morning baking is going to be taking place! Thanks for the inspiration!

ariela said...

ill post this on fb!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on such a successful bake sale! That looks fabulous. Your danishes look great too, I wish I was still in NYC! :)

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

DAMN, we should have made danishes! Yay for bake sale success.

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