Monday, February 1, 2010

FINALLY-I Got To Eat Raw Tiramisu From Pure Food and Wine and a Million Other Desserts,Oh and Some Banana Bread,Coffees,Cookies,and New Marshmallows..

tiramisu from one lucky duck.
tiramisu innards

last weekend my good friend/roommate theresa had her parents visit,and they took us out to lunch.and we went to one lucky duck. the pure food and wine takeaway/cafe.
since moving to nyc,i've been salivating over picture's from erica on flickr and her blog of amazing looking raw desserts,especially tiramisu,and have been DYING to try it,but haven't financially been able to,given that a slice of tiramisu is $15,a milkshake $27(whaaaat?!),etc.but i guess everything came together and they had no problem taking us out(geeze now i really feel like the baked gods weren't enough of a thank you...)
so. i finally got to try it.and the desserts were amazing.especially the mallomar.the "marshamallow" was soooo creamy,and light,and fluffy and amazing.better than the moonpie,because there was less chocolate and more vanilla-ness.and the tiramisu was excellent,though super dense.again,i loved the creme the most.the cookie/sponge cake/what-have you layer was really really dense and hard to eat a lot of at once,but again,it was soo good.and the caramel in the caramel bar was fantastic.i wasn't crazy about the bar/cookie base,it was a pretty dry and crumbly,but nonetheless.oh,and the 'almond butter cup' ice cream milkshake was out of this world.super vanilla-y,and smooth,and just perfect,really.
oh,and lunch was great too,best caesar salad i've had in a long time,better than candle 79 or peacefood,both of which i said was the best.theresa and her parents all loved it,too,and none of them are vegan.


moonpie innards
moon pie.


mallomar innards

almond butter cup 'millionaire milkshake'

$27 milkshake.yum.
'almond butter cup' "millionaire's milkshake."

caramel bar
caramel bar.

raw oreo
oreo cookie.

fig bar
fig bar.

two lucky duck

four lucky duck

it was all kind of was seeing kev and linds.
and,just like last time they visited,i baked for them....

no frills homemade banana bread.
classic banana bread.
okay,so this one wasn't so much for them,but i had made the cookies and bars and then thought i hadn't done enough,so at 1:30am i baked this and fell asleep after checking on it and thinking it needed just 10 more minutes.i woke up at 4:30am,freaked out and thought the apartment was burning,and then will told me that it smelled done and he took it was awesome.

home made no-frills banana bread and latte @ stumptown,ace hotel


pb&j bars with pb&a trailmix
peanut butter and jelly bars.
super gooey.
and into the batter i added some

for extra crunch and sweet n saltiness.

and more of those oatmeal-coconut-chocolate chip-pecan-raisin/dried cherry cookies.
because t wasn't here when i made them and i wouldn't shut up about how good they were and how everyone loved them.
and yeah,ariela got some more.

so some cookies,bars,and banana bread ain't bad,amirtie?s'mon,i did have to start school that week,too...

oh,and i went to lula's last week,too and tried one of these:
tatse sensation.
new black and white marshmallows from sweet and sara.
a serious taste sensation.
the thin chocolate on the chewy fluffy marshmallow with the little crunch when you bite into it is crazy.kinna like a moon pie!har.

black and white sundae.
aesthetically pleasing and correct sundae.cookies n cream,chocolate and cake batter twist softserve,black and white marshmallows,whipped cream,chocolate sauce,chocolate and vanilla creme cookies.



twist softserve

and speaking of marshmallows...

tribeca whole foods in-house made vegan rocky road gelato
vegan rocky road gelato at tribeca whole foods.
the biggest and best nyc whole foods(tribeca) had a gelato thing upstairs and makes their own vegan gelato in house,and always has one flavour.recently i had rocky road,which was really good,with big chunks of marshmallows and almonds in it.

tribeca whole foods in-house made vegan rocky road gelato

tribeca whole foods in-house made vegan rocky road gelato

though once they did have :
oatmeal raisin cookie dough gelato.
which i liked a lot more.

vegan oatmeal raisin cookie dough gelato.

vegan oatmeal raisin cookie dough gelato.
i think there was shredded coconut in it,but maybe it was just the oats?yummy.


nora said...

evan, you're wonderful!
i love the classic charm of the black and white sundae. and those pb&j bars--hollahh!

Anonymous said...

every photo you ever post is drool worthy. once again your chocolate chip cookies make me want to eat my computer screen. i can't even begin to imagine how awesome they taste!

ariela said...

:D the bestest cookies! it makes me not want to buy store brought cookies anymore!

all this food looks so good!! i want someone to pay so i can go to pure food and wine!

Anonymous said...

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Alyssa Franchetti said...

I ate those bars. And a bite of that sundae.
And assisted with that banana bread.
Beauuuuuutiful pictures!!!!!

Alyssa Franchetti said...

btw I need a sugar daddy to take me to Pure Food and Wine.

Des Moines business lawyer said...

Amazed by the photos! I'm craving chocolate now. Great post, eye candy overload.

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VeggieGirl said...

I adore Pure Food & Wine and One Luck Duck!

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

I wish I would have known about the Mallomar! I want it!

herbivore said...

Tiramisu looks awesome. I have had no luck with vegan tiramisu. (except cupcakes form, but thats not exactly the same.)

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Anonymous said...

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