Sunday, March 28, 2010

Plentiful and Prodigious Peanut Butter-Birthday Cakes,Danishes,Candy,Sammiches,Cookies,etc and Some Birthday Layer Cakes and Other Delicious Things.

peanut butter chocolate danish.
Peanut Butter Fudge Danish.
peanut butter cream cheese filling and chocolate,i needn't say more.yes?

what a trip!
is the past 3 weeks my sister came to visit, my little brother stayed with me for 2.5 weeks,i had mid terms,spring break,baking orders,and just life in general.
but lots of delicious sweets happened in that time,and,as per usual,though i felt like it was taking somewhat of a backseat,lots and lots of peanut butter!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Raspberry Layer Cake.(aka 'art history birthday cake')
well,there's a story behind this peanut butter cake with raspberry cream,peanut butter buttercream,and thick chocolate ganache-my fantastic art history professor michael dorsch was planning a surprise birthday party for his birthday and needed a 'secret accomplice' to carry in his cake so he could act surprised infront of the class,and then have cake.well,he asked me.
little did he know i baked.
little did he know i had a blog,and sold baked goods,etc etc.
so after numerous emails i made him a cake,which he said to be my 'masterpiece'.(how very art history...)so i knoew it needed peanut butter.i could've pushed myself further,but i also could've pushed myself further on the duccio presentation.good thing i did the following week at the met...

birthday boy.

speaking of peanut butter and birthday cakes and peanut butter...

chick o stick layer cake.
Chick O Stick Layer Cake.

for my little brother patrick's's what he asked for,too!
rich and fluffy vanilla cake with super thick chick o stick frosting,decorated with more chick o sticks.
i took him out for dinner and was so full i thought that i was gonna die.but then i ate two pieces of this.with lots of almond milk.SO good.


sliced cake.

man down!

thanks,michael.i guess they did come in handy.

more stick action...

homemade chick o stick danish
Chick O Stick Danish.
the crunch was really nice.c'mon,like butterfingers in flaky pastry.blows my mind.

chick o stick danish and chick o stick milkshake
with a chick o stick and pistachio milkshake at foodswings,in brooklyn.
i hate fake meat and the like,but my sister was real excited to go back here,but they so have really really good milkshakes.fantastic opportunity to eat the danish,to.

strawberry peanut butter cookie shake.
Strawberry Peanut Butter Cookies Milkshake.
i had to get 2...

and speaking of candies..

Huge Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies with Vegan m&ms.
i.e the biggest and best cookies ever with candy lentils.


sans candies...

with caramel pecan ice cream,cake batter softserve,and caramel sauce at,duh,lula's sweet apothecary.


PERFECT Chocolate Chip Cookies.
for patrick's birthday,again.

though i made them more perfect by sammiching them with white chocolate peanut butter and banana slices...har.

sorry,i really like the dough.maybe more so than cookies,no matter how oerfect they are.

i've mentioned peanut buttered pears a myriad of times,i know...

white chocolate peanut butter & bosc pear sammich.
white chocolate penaut butter and pear sammich.

white chocolate peanut butter and blueberry jelly sammich.
white chocolate pb and blueberry jam sammich.

white chocolate peanut butter,banana,and 'honey' sammich.
white chocolate pb,agave,and banana sammich.
my fave besides...

white chocolate pb,banana,and that sahale walnut banana ginger lavener trail mix stuff.

peanut butter,banana,and homemade date spread sammich.
crunchy peanut butter,homemade medjool date spread,and banana sammich.

and speaking of peanut butter,pb&j's,ridiculous things,and peanut butter and co,i've actually been to the peanut butter & co sammich shop 3 times,i wouldn't normally pay $5 or $6 for a pb&j but when you have lots of these:

and yr gonna be buying it anyways,you might as well go there,get a sammich AND a jar of pb for the same price you would've spent.see,it's ACTUALLY a deal!
so here's what's been had:

"the pregnant lady"
peanut butter and pickles.

cinnamon raisin peanut butter,apple butter,and wheat germ sammich.
cinnamon raisin swirl pb,apple butter and wheat germ sammich.

jerry seinfeld comedy epecial.
"jerry seinfeld comedy special".

the "white chocolate wonderful"
the "white chocolate wonderful".
white chocolate pb and orange marmalade with sliced almonds.cloyingly sweet-like a candy bar.a really yummy peanut butter orange candy bar.who knew.

mighty maple peanut butter and raspberry jams.

peanut butter filled pretzels.


more pb!:
self explanatory.

pb&j danish.

butterfinger shake.
butterfinger shake @ terri.
cookie dough ice cream,peanut butter,and chocolate sauce.SOOOOO GOOOD!
i won't mention the other food,but this was amazing!

even at the museum of natural history!

a few non-peanut butter things...

angelica brittle.
my sister took us here the night she got into town.this was fantasitc.not too sweet,kind of perfect.
almost like peanut brittle,sans peanuts...

tiramisu at peacefood cafe.
so even though i can't afford to eat out,patrick and i did,because he had to eat,had no money,it was his birthday,blah blah blah anyways,peace food is amazing,patrick said it was one of the best sammiches he's ever eaten,etc etc,i really need to write about it,but here's the fantastic tiramisu we had...

OH,and one more fancy layer cake i made...

lemon vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream and candied hibiscus flowers.

my friend keisha who worked at the breslin in the ace hotel moved to berlin a few weeks ago,so for her last day at work,i made and brought her a cake.the entore staff of the hotel probably loves cary and i now.
it was really really good.definitely in the top 5 cakes i've made i think.i'm learning to love lemon.
it was really soft and the frosting was really thick but still fluffy.yay.

keisha and cake.

lemon,ginger,peanut butter cookie sundae1
and how could i not end with ice cream?
peanut butter cookie,ginger,and lemon sundae with caramel sauce @ lula's sweet apothecary.

lemon,ginger,peanut butter cookie sundae3
a pan asian stir fry sundae...?

cookie dough and cake batter.
cookie dough and cake batter.
when i had the drunchies.i mean....

sarah,my coat,her first cake batter...

peanut toffee crunch & cake batter.
peanut toffee crunch and cake batter.

leaning tower of lula's-twist and english toffee crunch...

banana split with peanut butter fudge,english toffee crunch and vanilla bean.
it WAS patrick's birthday almost...har.this was after a sundae,too tha we shared this!

banana bear.
i don't live there,i swear.just a block or so away...

SO much sugar!oh well.
next week i will have an easter post and another post again more about the ever-more elevating banana obsession...