Wednesday, September 24, 2008

olympia!croissants!cookies!mint!peanut butter!mangoes!everything!

i went to olympia on sunday to visit jane and we had a potluck with other ppkers!
i took the bus and it was really crazy and i missed the bus and freaked out and hung out in seattle and had a really great time and got to see great people that i really love and see olypmia.
also,there was delicious food.there wasn't only desserts,but there was A LOT of sugar.
Best cinnamon rolls,ever!

mango scone.
mango scones.
from katie jayne for vwam's potluck.
was it fresh mango?the icing was totally yummy,too!

chocolate croissant
i made chocolate croissants!

mighty o donuts,fig danishes,strawberry/raspberry danishes,mint chip danishes,croissants and cinnamon rolls.gus brought the donuts!i brought the danishes,too.





Chocolate Chip Mint Leaf Ice Box Cookies
chocolate chip mint leaf ice box cookies
testers for isa and terry's upcoming vegan cookie book!
those green flecks are real mint leaves!
very chewy,thin,cispy edges,buttery and well,minty!
they're mint.and by that i mean "mint" as in when something is swell and you say it's "mint" .

was buying a coffee at bean around the world the day i made these and was bringing them to my brother's and this guy darren was sitting outside the shop bugging people for money and i gave him a dollar then went up the street and remembered i had cookies so like 10 minutes later i went back and gave him like 8 or something and he really liked them,then apologized to me for making some rude comment that i apparently missed and then told me all about his ex wife and how he's part of the japanese secret service(?) and then asked for more money,so i left.
anyways,i'd definitley make these again!

crumblz blizzard.
peanut butter crumblz "blizzard" with homemade vanilla bean ice cream,peanut butter,and crumblz!
CRUMBLZ! are the BEST!soooo good!i wanna try all the falvours!

peanut butter fudge.
peanut butter fudge from whole foods at roosevelt square in seattle.

best mango ever!
i bought it in pike place market that was so ripe,juicy and perfect and huge!jane ever.

Friday, September 19, 2008


toastedcoconutmarshmallowcake 070

for making the totally awesome s'mores cake for my little brother back in march,sweet and sara sent me a box of free vegan marshmallow products!so i thought i better one up myself.

toasted coconut marshmallow cake made with sweet and sara vegan toasted coconut marshmallows.i made two layers of vanilla coconut cake with a recipe given to me by kt(of uh y'know that shmitty little bakery in portland)and modified it slightly,a layer of melted down marshmallows as frosting in the center,vanilla coconut cream cheese frosting encasing the cake,more melted marshmallows in top,and some whole marshmallows.then the entire thing was rolled in toasted coconut.

i think it's my second favourite cake ever.second because first has to somehow incorporate peanut butter.seriously,so good.even the plain cake part was awesome.
i brought some to sian and ben at earthsave and had to take it on the bus and this old guy started asking me about it and i had i knife so i offered him a slice and he ate some and then went on for ten minutes about how much he loooves coconut,and how nester's sells a cheap coconut cream pie made with real whipping cream and safeway's is more expensive and is just made with chemicals,and how he ate a bounty bar before he got on the bus,then explained every part of a bounty bar and then told me all about how one day i'll make a great wife.ha.
toastedcoconutmarshmallowcake 053

toastedcoconutmarshmallowcake 049

toastedcoconutmarshmallowcake 037

toastedcoconutmarshmallowcake 022

toastedcoconutmarshmallowcake 017

toastedcoconutmarshmallowcake 016

Dear Sweet and Sara,
if you ever need a baker,or think about starting a line of marshmallow baked goods and want to hire me,i am wide open.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Carrot Spice Cream Cheese Cookie Sammiches and Cookie Conundrum!!!

carrot raisin spice chewies sammiches1
Carrot Raisin Spice Chewies
OH MY GOD.(please imagine that in either fran drescher or janice from friends voice.even though there's not really a difference)
these rule!the school.okay,so for the past 2 years i've been positive that the vwav carrot cake is the best in the world and when i made it with toasted walnut cream cheese frosting back in june i claimed that it was the best carrot cake i've ever had,and these taste just like it,but in cookie format.
PERFECT texture.these are really chewy but not cakey,very moist.very sweet,just the way i like it,and when you bite into a nut and raisin piece it's perfect.oh and they're spiced very nicely.and the coconut is great think these are my favourite tests so far.i will definitely make them again.
i left them in the fridge for my brothers so i'll have their verdict tomorrow.
and i rode my bike over to my friend sian's house to put them through her cat door for her and while i was doing it she opened the door to leave and i got really scared.i'll have her opinion tomorrow too.but whatever,not like it matters,because these rule!

carrot raisin spice chewies sammiches2

These,and the follwing are testers for Isa and Terry's upcoming cookie book:
chocolate fudgey oatmeal cookies1
Chocolate Fudgey Oatmeal Cookies
with chunks of chocolate covered crystallized ginger!
moist,very chewy,insanely chocoltey and nice spice from the ginger.mmmm.

whole wheat chocolate chip cookies1
Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies
cakier than a normal chocolate chip cookies,but not exactly healthy tasting.still moist,and definitely more of a cookie than a muffin top.moist and textural.


Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

they're rolled in salted peanuts,super chewy and have a really nice hint of cinnamon.salty and sweet.


Cowboy Cookies
so chewy,hearty,sweet but not cloying,mmmm.amazing cookie dough,too.

i always thought coconut was girly,though.but i guess spices and dried fruit are.though,i'm really not the person to be saying what's girly and what's not.

another cookie,but not a tester:
super soft.the first snickerdoodle i ever had was vegan,and before i was vegan!
it's all marty would make and they were are these.why don't i make them more?!

extra stuff:

vegan very berry muffin
very berry muffin,from JJ Bean.
Huge,chock full of berries,pretty sweet,and good texture.
who wudda thought?

chocolate mousse cupcake
chocolate cupcake
from capers/whole foods in vancouver.
it was good.well,the cake was mediocre,and the mousse was great.i would eat ti again,especially because the mousse,but i wouldn't buy one again,especially knowing that i could make a lot better.pick it up whole foods!

organic tigger apple
Tigger apple?