Monday, June 15, 2009

My Big Fat Vegan Bake Sale v.3.0-Chocolate Hazelnut Layer Cake,Fig Danishes,More Muffins,that Mint Chocolate Oreo Cake,Cherries,etc...

chocolate hazelnut layer cake

chocolate hazelnut layer cake
Chocolate Hazelnut Layer Cake.
two layers of chocolate cake with organic hazelnut extract
chocolate ganache in the middle and a layer of vegan nutella
chocolate ganache on sides and top and toasted hazelnuts.

ReallyReallyGood 001

Yesterday was my third vegan bake sale at the BLIM monthly community markets.
This one was also part of the Main Street Car-Free Festival,so that was really fun!
Suuuper busy,though.It took me almost an hour and 45 minutes to completely peel a mango!Anyways,the sale was fantastic,and i'm excited for next month!I need to find a lackey or something-I didn't get to see any of the other vendors,which is fine because i'm selling stuff,but there seemed to be a lot of neat stuff going on-especially yesterday.Though,that would mean i'd probably look through Darwin's(not Damien,p.s) records,buy some,and then be annyoed about how I can't buy useless crap(okay records aren't useless crap)that I can't take with me when I move.
As well as the car-free festival,this was a part of the super-awesome(SERIOUSLY) World Wide Vegan Bake Sale,which is one of the greatest ideas since,i dunno,not eating dairy and eggs?
Thanks Gary for the help with this!
ANYWHOO,here's some stuff I made:

mybigfatveganbakesaleV.3.0 069

the spread...

mybigfatveganbakesaleV.3.0 070

danish assortment
Danish Assortment.

fig danish
Fig Danish.

raspberry danish
Raspberry Danish.

grape danish
Grape Danish.

mango coconut danish
Mango Coconut Danish.

strawberry danish
Strawberry Danish.

chocolate hazelnut raspberry danish
Chocolate Hazelnut Raspberry Danish.

cherry cheese danish
Cherry Cheese Danish.

mint chocolate oreo cake
Mint Chocolate Oreo Cake.

Cinnamon Rolls.

cherry hazelnuts
Cherry Hazelnut Muffins.

cherry hazelnut

mixed berry
Mixed Berry Muffins.

mybigfatveganbakesaleV.3.0 074
Peanut Butter Cups.

mybigfatveganbakesaleV.3.0 076

pistachiorose & vijita
the internets came!

teet & ryn
rude customers.

meems and ems
thanks for the ride,mimsicle.

mybigfatveganbakesaleV.3.0 068

oh,and here's some better pictures of the ballpoint pen drawings i did for my table's sign this time:

hope to see some of you next month!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

BEST Brownies Ever,BIG Muffins,BRIDAL Shower Cake

best brownies,ever4

best brownies,ever3

best brownies,ever2

best brownies,ever
peanut butter swirl brownies.
the BEST brownies ever.
so for testing for the cookie book isa posted a recipe for 'deluxe cocoa brownies' which are the best-dense,chewy,fudgy,the whole deal.they're also the base for the 'chocolate chip cheesecake topped brownies'.
i didn't think that they could be improved upon,but i was wrong.peanut butter is basically,as in is,the best thing ever,so i made a peanut butter topping and turned them into peanut butter swirl brownies,and i think they're like the best thing i've ever baked.okay,maybe not,but they're up brownies,ever.

bridal shower cake.
chocolate cake,coconut milk chocolate mousse in the center,chocolate cake,covered in vaniller buttercream,and more coconut milk chocolate mousse on top.and white and dark chips.

some lady ordered this for her friend's birdal shower.she needed an eggless cake.i won't get into it,but apparently i effed up and didn't write 'congrats pavan' on it,even though i was told i could "maybe" write it,and i the lady haggled me down $20 on the price.whatevs.

i won the first prize!
bleuberry and almond creme danishes.
i made these for last weekend's earthsave canada potluck,which was at jericho beach,and really nice and sunny and lots of great people were there.

this was my prize.

here's some more pictures from the potluck:
may312009 029
raw mousse
basically a smoothie.well,it was just blended fruit...

raw daikon
raw daikon.

he only ate it because it looked weird.

orange chocolate sconed.


banana oatmeal coconut almond muffins.


orange cranberry nut muffins.

from Vegan Brunch.duh.

i got a makeover.

these muffins are ridiculously good.fresh orange juice,juicy crans,pecans...super soft and moist.and i love the crispy edge on the top.another winner.

maple peanut butter.
because y'know,cranberry,pecans,maple...all those warming,wintery flavours,really coagulate well.especially in this heat.

i should also mention that since last tuesday i've been listening to the cranberries almost exclusively.see,i was at my mom's boyfriend's house just visiting,and i wanted to draw,so i go onto his computer and look at his itunes,and randomly out them on.'to the faithful departed' was the 3rd cd i ever bought,but i hadn't actually listened to them in forever.the songs played continuously for like 2 hours,and then that night i couldn't get 'linger' out of my head,and i felt really silly,but i looked for my cds,and i found them,along with a ton of old no doubt cds.
POINT of the story is,i felt really silly/funny/serendipitous buying and using cranberries since y'know,i was probably listening to them when i made these.seriously.

fresh-squeezed orange juice.

watermelon juice.

and i'll leave you with this:

watermelon and juice leftover from cutting one up,a mango,banana,and bluebs.all juicy in the sun.zedohmygod.

actually i'll leave you with this:
SUNDAY JUNE 14TH is the next BLIM Monthly Community Market.
And,like at the previous markets,I will be selling vegan baked goods!Last month there was mint chocolate oreo cake,9 varieties of danishes,and more!so it's DEFINITELY worth it to come out!
please note that I will be selling inside of BLIM(half a block west of main,on 17th)with the other food vendors.

here are the details:

"Sunday June 14 | 12 – 6 PM | Free
@ Outside on Main and 17th

Blim will be presenting a monthly Main Street Community Market this month to take place at outside on Main street and 17th from 12–6 PM, and will be in conjunction with Main Street Car-Free Day.

This Months market will include over 50 vendors, live music, hot food, beverages, and entertainment. Vendors will include food, fashion, accessories, supplies, fine art, vintage items and records, and not be limited to crafts, and there will be a focus on nurturing and promoting creative production in our community. We want to appeal to young, old, hip, plain, babies, animals, men, women, everyone.

We are very excited about this event and what it can contribute to Main Street’s artistic vitality, and how it can help support and encourage the local creative community.

Exclusive at BLIM:
basement sweet (jewellery)
Blim (clothing and accessories)
darwin meyers (used vinyl)
Evan McGraw (delicious vegan pastries)(inside BLIM Lounge)
Gldnmilitia (modern and vintage jewellery)
Julia Lemieux (tasty vegan baked goods)(inside BLIM Lounge)
Noel Macul and Daniel Giantomaso (vintage toys and comics)
Open Sesame (homemade gourmet Japanese cuisine)(inside BLIM Lounge)"

also,this will be part of the increbile World Wide Vegan Bakesale(thanks gary)so check it out!