Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Winter B(re)aking!

so this was my first winter in nyc,as i mentioned,and it was really great.
i went to a few gallery,the natural history museum three times,the frick,moma,i met patti smith(!)walked like 80 blocks to central park a lot,walked the brooklyn bridge unexpectedly,drank a lot of amazing coffee at kaffe 1668,specifically,drew more than anything,decorated,made erotic fruit collages,froze to death,etc.
oh,and did a lot of baking.
and melisser visited!so i ended up going out with her,and we,and alyssa,ended up going to lula's a lot.
so,lot's of baking and cold things in the winter:
the last thing of 2009 that i baked,on NYE...

peanut butter caramel apple bars
peanut butter caramel apple bars.
i actually made these twice within 3 days.mostly because of getting/having huge apples from the green market like this:



i doubled the peanut butter caramel recipe,since it is the best part,but the whole thing is amazing.i remember making these asap in 2006 before v'con came out when isa had just posted them on the ppk.
peanut butter caramel apple bars with cake batter softserve @ lual's!
with cake batter softserve@lula's sweet apothecary.

i actually celebrated midnight with blythe,too,unexpectedly:

then,my uncle mike visited from toronto,so i baked the same 'vegan cookies' i made for him when i was staying at his house in TO for forever last october/november.

chocolate chip cookies w/vegan m&ms
ginormous classic best ever chocolate chip cookies,some with vegan m&ms.

chocolate chippers
still hot.

soy mocha @ stumptown
@ stumptown in the ace hotel when my uncle was visiting for a day

oatmeal coconut chocolate chip raisin pecan cookie
oatmeal coconut raisin pecan chocolate chip cookies.
these were probably the best thing i baked.okay,maybe not.i got excited about a lot of things,but these were probably 2nd after the pb&j bars.

oatmeal coconut chocolate chip raisin pecan cookie dough
the dough for these was aaaamazing.
ariela ate a million and sent me a message the next day saying she was ;dreaming' of them.

cakebatter and oatmeal raisin coconut pecan chocolate cookie
and again,topped with cakebatter softserve at lula's.

and more oaty-ness...
almond butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
almond butter chocolate chip almond oatmeal cookies.

almond butter oatmeal cookies
almond butter oatmeal cookies.

almond butter oatmeal jam dots
almond butter oatmeal jam dot cookies.
with blueberry and strawberry jam.

peanut butter caramel bars
peanut butter caramel bars.
thick peanut butter cookie like bars with the same v'con peanut butter caramel from the apple bars and s'mlove pie.

and the last thing that i baked...
white chocolate peanut butter and blueberry jam bars
white chocolate peanut butter and blueberry jam bars.
dense,fudgy,ridiculously sweet and peanutty,everybody went crazy over these,blythe said they were better than anything i've ever made,and i lked them more than the oatmeal cookies.go figure.

white chocolate blueberry peanut butter jelly bar and cake batter
of course.

and melisser stayed with me the last night she was in nyc and was supposed to leave super early(but missed her flight...whoops) and needed to get food,so i made her a sammich reminiscent of the bars that had all been devoured:
sammich for melisser's morning

happened on too many occasions.

hot chocolate with marshmallows @ lula's sweet apothecary.

and okay,especially when melisser was here,we ended up going to lula's like everyday.but here's some of the most memorable ice creams:
banana split with toffee crunch,toffee chocolate peanut,cake batter softserve,peanut butter swirl brownie,caramel sauce,chocolate sauce,sprinkles,whipped cream and a cherry.
banana split with toffee crunch,toffee chocolate peanut,cake batter softserve,peanut butter swirl brownie,caramel sauce,chocolate sauce,sprinkles,whipped cream and a cherry.

cookie caramel sundae
double cookie caramel sundae with cakebater,cookies n cream,those oatmeal coconut everything cookies i baked,and caramel sauce.

a plethora of toffee & caramel ice creams.

cake batter caramel shake
caramel cakebatter shake.

can you tell that lula's makes caramel sauce now and we all really love it?!

cake batter and peanut butter caramel bar

marshmallow topping and gummy bears.

the beloved 'green juice'.

oh,and i went to peaceood cafe on the UWS for the first time,and went back more than once,and besides ice cream and coffee,i never really eat out!
cinnamon roll2
cinnamon roll @ peacefood cafe.

more on here another time.

strawberry shortcake1


well,i have school a lot now,so bye for maybe a while.


Alyssa Franchetti said...

ALL I WANT FOR MY BIRTHDAY IS THOSE PB AND J BARS (my bday is April 5th btw lol)

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

Everything looks delicious, of course, but that 3rd pic up of the strawberry/biscuit thing is what I keep coming back to.

Anonymous said...

I just drooled all over my keyboard. Those chocolate chip cookies and almond oat cookies look INTENSELY amazing. Are these all your concoctions or recipes?? Do tell :)

Anonymous said...

happy to read~ thank you!..................................................

Anonymous said...

Keep on posting such stories. I love to read blogs like this. Just add some pics :)

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

We lived at Lula's! How could we not?! I have the crazy eyes in the Peacefood shot.
PB&J bars, mmmm! want them!