Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday Baking/First Winter in NYC;COOKIES,Peanut Butter,Pretzels,Pomegranates,Peppermint JoJos,PBandJ Bars,(sweet)Potato Pecan Blondies,non-P Foods

peanut butter oatmeal pretzel chocolate chip cookies
peanut butter oatmeal cookies with peanut butter filled pretzels and chocolate chips.
name speakers for itself.

peanut butter oatmeal pretzel chocolate chip cookie dough

which i made for thanksgiving dinner at dillion's/dan's which liz invited me to at stumptown that morning.

cherry balsamic brussels.
liz's amazing cherry-balsamic brussels.

PB&J Bars.
ridiculously rich and dense.made these when theresa's parents came to help her move in,as a thankyou present.but i saved quite a few.i used raspberry peanut buttery and just plain buttery.

and then it was theresa's birthday...
being the great friend i am i baked her 6 types of humongous cookies.
and then at 11pm that night i made her 2 more types.hey!

HUGE classic chocolate chip cookies with vegan m&ms/smarties.

chocolate coated almond chip cookies.

classic peanut butter oatmeal cookies.

peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

all together now...


chewy chocolate mint cookies with chunks of peppermint jo jos!
chewy chocolate mint cookies with chunks o' peppermint jo jos!

chewy chocolate mint cookies with walnuts
chewy chocolate mint cookies with chocolate chips and walnuts.

i ate one of the jo-jo chunk ones hot off the sheet(so did theresa) and i think i've personally overdone it with mint&chocolate,because i can't look at anything mint chocolate without getting nauseous now.
though 2 days before i made the delicious cookies i had this at lula's sweet apothecary:

even though mint-chocolate makes me feel nauseous now...
a scoop o' mint chip ice cream with hot fudge.yeah,for once i got what blythe reccommended.i dunno if she was more surprised or me.

and after theresa left out apartment to providence for winter break,i baked some more for christmas...

yr wishing we were friends,right?
sweet potato spice blondies with sweet and sara cinnamon pecan marshmallows.
zomg.these were sooo good.especially warm/hot when the marshmallow was all gooey and melty and hot.
the blondies are the amazing recipe from vegan cookies invade yr cookie jar by isa and terry but with the added awesomeness of sweet and sara cinnamon pecan marshmallows,which are like cinnamon toast crunch but better.and in marshmallow form.

yr wishing we were friends,right?

CHEWY sweet potato cookies,with walnuts.
hooray for non-cake-y sweet potato/squash/punkin baked goods.i've done these with punkin before,but can't wait to try them out with kabocha sqaush.(japanese punkin)

so that was my holiday baking.all the way from thanksgiving to christmas.and don't forget,i made that insane four-layer birthday cake during the period,too.oh,and had school,and finals.
holidays baically alone in the city,since everyone left have been fun and productive,though.albeit a tad lonely.

on christmas i ate my first mango since october 6th,which was my first since august 6th,when previously i had been obsessively eating at least 1,upwards of 3,huge red mexican mangoes a day,until they ruined my digestive tract and i had to go to the was kind of perfect.also,because it was christmas,i bought myself a christmas present.nice mug,eh?cuz it was and mug.

cute sign i made
i've been decorating,too.

and if you recall the peanut butter-ed pomegranate from vegan mofo,i finished this ball point drawing on christmas day,too:


Alyssa Franchetti said...

OH MY GOSH. That's all I can say.

manuel addams said...

the pb oatmeal cookie is drugs!

changes that i've made: 2/3 cup all-purpose flour and 2/3 cup whole wheat pastry, i removed ground cinnamon, i used golden syrup quick-cooking oats, homemade peanut butter, vanilla soy milk and sugar coated peanuts on top.

Anonymous said...

FYI, Stalin's birthday? Totally December 18th.

K.E.N. said...

omagoodnes!! those blondies want to get in my mouth! or, perhaps i just want them in my mouth.
when you going to quit school and just open a bakery? near my house.