Thursday, March 5, 2009

Vegan FroYo in Palo Alto!Maggie Mudd, and Chocolates!


Fraiche in Palo Alto.
Plain soy frozen yogurt with dried figs(!!!),toasted coconut,and granola.
melissa took me to fraiche in palo alto today after dropping strummer off at her parent's place.we weren't gonna go maybe because i thought i wouldn't like it.WRONG.
so freaking good.not even like sweet,it's plain frozen yogurt.very tangy.amazing.
i could totally eat this every single day.too bad it's in palo alto.i wasn't expecting to like it either...



i got really excited that they had blue bottle coffee,which i keep going to,and is by far the best coffee i've had in san francisco,and basically trumps anything i had over the course of those 3.5 weeks in portland.



and melissa didn't want her photo taken,but there's this:

and keeping with the cool treats theme,how about some Peanut Butter Palooka ice cream?
bought in the carton,by Maggie Mudd.
peanut butter palooka

palooka tasting
it's pretty amazing.peanut butter ice cream,with peanut butter swirls and chocolate covered peanuts.
though i must say,i'm a bit spoiled,and it doesn't have anything on the peanut butter fudge ice cream i had at Lula's Sweet Apothecary a few months ago.THAT is the best ice cream i've ever had.

and more ice cream,melissa kept going on and on and on and on about Double Rainbow Soy Cream.So we tried that as well.Cinnamon Caramel flavour.It was awesome.Like,I wasn't expecting it to be amazing,just good.But it was very soft,and sooo creamy,and cinnamon-y,and there was HUGE streaks,and globs,of caramel-like half melted caramel chews almost.If you have this brand available to you,you MUST try it.So yummy.

she finished it off

cinnamon caramel and peanut butter palooka

melissa finished it off.well,about 3/4 of all of it.she REALLY loves this stuff.

before trying the peanut butter palooka at home,we actually went to Maggie Mudd!

i had a 24oz milkshake made with tarmack(chocolate,peanut butter,and cookies!),banana rum brownie,and the 'dubliner' which consisted of whiskey,coffee,and chocolate.those were the ice creams,which were made into the shake with peanut butter,peanut butter cookies,and took an hour to finish.

suckin it in




melissa got 'froot loops':

check it

okay,i think that's all of the cool treats.
so here's some coffee:

canadian coffee date
soy latte at four barrel.

and to mention melissa once more,when I got to San Francisco,she had gotten me these Sweet Earth Organic Chocolates!

they were all good-cranberry ginger,coconut...but i'll leave you with the most amazing one:
omg caramel turtle

i'm so glad that there was most of this flavour.
from their site:
"The VEGAN turtles are made with rich, dark 65% chocolate, rich vegan caramel, crunchy rice crispies and organic cashews. A dark chocolate version of a classic! 100% organic, fair trade. The vegan turtles are soy lecithin free too! Creamy, crunchy, caramel - the kid in every one will love this treat!"

order some online here.
it doesn't have to be for you-it could be for me!please?


Erik Steel said...

I might be the most jealous vegan in the entire universe right now. I am totally coveting my neighbor's dessert :)

Sarah said...

great pics!! now i'm hungry. of course.

that is one cute puppy!!

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Ice creaaaaam! I seriously hate the photo of me at Maggie Mudd. Worst ever. Remove, please? :(

Laura said...

it is freezing here, but i really want some vegan ice cream right now! especially in peanut butter shake form!

Not Another Omnivore said...

All of those photos look sooo good....

LeAnne said...

Your blog makes my teeth hurt... and it hurts so GOOD!

DJ said...

That looks sooooo good - My mind cannot take all those flavours in at once!

Vegan_Noodle said...

Now that is a lot of ice cream!! I didn't think I would like Fraiche either, but was pleasantly surprised. And of course I love Maggie Mudd... just wish I could eat it more than once or twice a year!

halfeaten said...

love all the food pictures (I'm salivating...)

Just found your blog... and I love it :0)

molotess said...

I finally went to Fraiche for the first time. The FroYo itself was yummy but the homemade Mochi was TOTALLY BANG-ON!!