Monday, February 23, 2009

Speculoos Danishes!plus apple,lemon and white chocolate!

speculoos danishes

hi,in san francisco today i made danishes at melissa's house!thanks to melissa who gave me a jar of this incredible speculoos cookie spread-which tastes like those thin spicy cookies they sell at ikea,and well smells like ikea and wonderful and amazing and kinna pizelle like,there is speculoos danishes!also thanks to melissa i got to make them because it was at her house and she supplied all the ingredients!zedomg.

apple danishes

apple danish

white chocolate macadamia danish

white chocolate macadamia nut danish

lemon danish

lemon danish
melissa made the lemon curd for some cupcakes,so the leftover was used for danishes!it's great!

jordan and a lemon danish

a canadian enjoying a danish!


vegan white chocolate bar





believe the hype-this stuff is amazing!
i mean,it's a spread,like a nut butter,made from cookies!!!


anotheronebitesthecrust said...

mmmmm, it's all lookin' so good

valleyvegan said...

Hi Evan,

Is your recipe a secret? I hope not. Would love to be in on the danish action. Thanks in advance.

Melisser said...

Who is this "melissa" character?

Anonymous said...

I also hope that you will share your Danish recipe!

nora said...

hey just wondering, what is your favorite kind of plain peanut butter? i love pb & co pbs and i know you do too, but for the quintessential pb what do you go for?

Jenna said...

Wow, those danishes look great!

Anonymous said...

Please, oh please, share your Speculoos, Apple, Lemon, and White Chocolate Danish recipes, pretty pleeeeeeease? I'm obsessing on delicious vegan versions of seemingly impossible to duplicate foods, i.e., Danish, poundcake,, etc..
Share the Love! Thank you!