Saturday, September 12, 2009

of ice cream and coffee.

my first ice cream back;
first ice cream back in new york:
vanilla malt ice cream
peanut butter fudge ice cream
cake batter softserve
best first thing to eat(besides the coffee)when getting to new york.

from lula's sweet apothecary,of course.

hi.i moved to nyc for school a few weeks ago,and have been really busy and still will be,but i thought i'd share some sweet stuff that's been going on.yay!

pb&j ice cream
banana walnut ice cream

2nd time at lula's-in a big cup.probably my new all time favourite-the pb&j that is.
sweet n salty with just enough jam,zedohmygawd.

banana split time
and third time's a charm;
banana split,pb&j ice cream,ginger molases ice cream,peanut butter fudge ice cream,cookies n cream ice cream
whizzers(vegan m&ms),1 crushed ginger newman o,whipped cream,maraschino cherry,banana


not mine...

i also went to stogo

i had peanut butter fudge and salted caramel pecan.
i was really excited b/c they had soem pretty excitied flavours,but the peanut butter fudge was really watery and icy and i didn't want to finish it-shoulda sampled it first,that's what happened with the oatmeal raisin cookie flavour,which i really wanted.don't see how you could eff up a peanut butter ice cream,but whatever,at least the salted caramel one was good.

i've also been drinking a lot of coffee here;probably start a blog just for that here's a preview;
gimme!coffee in soho:

first espresso off the plane.dark,super chocolate-y,smoky,awesome.

first gibraltar ever.and not the last.

el beit in williamsburg:

serving 49th parallel-i had better the morning pervious in vancouver.

think coffee on bowery:


9th street espresso in chelsea market:

on 10th street:

on 9th street:

variety in williamsburg:

stumptown in nyc.meh.

kaffe 1668:

third rail coffee:


blue spoon cafe:
crazy...strong and delicious
craziest,thickest,macchiato ever.and it was good.

gorilla coffee:

kinda really burnt.

cafe grumpy park slope:



oslo coffee on metropolitan:

everyman espresso:


cafe pedlar:

ground support:



tribeca whole foods


Anonymous said...

wow coffee and ice cream. how can you go wrong. this makes me want a really strong thick espresso. yum.

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

Looks like NYC agrees with you-- I can't get over all that ice cream!

Ashley said...

I didn't like the peanut butter fudge either!! I thought salted caramel was good, but I still think red velvet was better.

Erin said...

Cake batter soft serve sounds amazing. How do you keep all these coffee places straight? So much coffee!

Brittany said...

Woah. Cake batter soft serve fluffing awesome.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

i hope you're loving nyc! i need to come visit, but i am too busy right now, ugh! maybe in January or February?!

Anonymous said...

Your post just made me so nostalgic for NYC. I was there for 4 years and just moved this past weekend.

I became obsessed with Stogo last summer - the salted caramel was so good! I can't believe I never made it to Lulu's though.

I know it's getting cold, but if you like iced coffee, Aroma (72nd b/w Columbus and Amsterdam OR Houston and Greene) and Think (on Mercer b/w 3rd and 4th) were my favorites!

Joanne said...

that totally reminds me....I never gave you the lavender sugar I got you from SF!