Thursday, August 27, 2009

BAKING ORDERS!S'mores Danishes Again,Everything Cookies,Almond Butter Blondies,Nutella Brownies,Carrot Cake,Monster Cookies,and Fantastic Coffees...

s'mores danish
baking order for a ppker for ppk meet-up:
dozen s'mores dansishes
dozen fruit danishes(rasp,cherry,fig)
and i threw in about 20 blueberry chocolate covered ginger cookies,peanut butter oatmeal cookies(sorry,but i makethee best ever),and chocolate chip cookies

fig danish & assort.

chocolate covered ginger & dried bluebs

peanut butter oatmeal

chocolate chip

so i'm moving to nyc in a few hours and have been ridiculously busy with everything,but also lots of baking to make money.won't be doing that for a while.whatevs.

a peanut buttered pear...

& assorted danishes.

raspberry,from this past weekend.

and more exciting,from this past weekend...

almond butter blondies.half are almond butter chocolate chip cranberry,too.
just the absolutely incredible recipe for peanut butter blondies from isa and terry's upcoming cookie book,which i've written about how are the second best thing ever,but with almond butter.

oatmeal chocolate chunk dried blueberry coconut pecan hazelnut cookies.

"nutella" brownies.

mixed berry muffs.

banana chocolate chunk muffs.

and bread.but with mini chips.

and then my good friend ben had me make him

carrot cake.

chocolate cookies filled with melted marshmallow frosting crap.

ben bought me the $10 cup of coffee from caffe artigiano as a going away was great,but honestly,i've had better clover at wicked(intelligentsia) and the syphon i had at 49th parallel that morning was almost as good.still excellent though,and super fun and ridicks to try.

speaking of coffee,here's some favourites as of late:

latte from cito espresso.

cappuccino from wicked cafe.this was so damn good.arthur is an amazing barista,and wrote down some places i need to check out in nyc.

double espresso from 49th parallel roasters.

honduras single origin espresso
honduras single origin soy macchiato
black cat espresso
at wicked cafe.
the single origin espresso was super light,sweet,and smooth,and really fruity.i thought dried apricots,arthur said peaches.definitely a different taste,but that's not a bad thing.
the regular black cat was,as per usual,very strong,punchy,heavy,chocolatey.
and the macchiato which i enjoyed last,was phenomenal.seriously,it was candy sweet,and reminded me of milk joke.

oh,and did i mention that i was off coffee for over a week due to stomach issues and the possibility that it was a culprit?well i was,but i decided for the next week to have one a day,and this was my first after the break:
cappuccino from jj bean(main street).
i don't even think that this was so good because i had been off of coffee,but probably because robert csar is kind of an amazing barista(and fellow vegan!)and said "this is gonna be good" right as he finished pouring.i kind of just wanted to keep drinking this for a long time.

i don't usually drink cappuccinos either,but this past week has also been kind of different.


Katie said...

Freaking delicious. All of it. And I can't even taste it through the computer. Too bad I can't. I want some of those chocolate chunk banana muffs and those danishes!!!!

You are a baking extraordinaire!

Nicole ( said...

Carrot cake! I love it.

herbivore said...

I want blueberry chocolate covered ginger cookies. RIGHT NOW. That sounds like the best idea EVER.

Good luck at school!!!! Its going to be amazing!

Warrior Two said...

Ooh Evan good luck in NYC! Art School! Superfuckingcalifragilieprestigousfucking art school!

Valerie H. said...

First time comment, long time reader. Your stuff always looks amazing. I'm moving to NYC on Sunday, too, and I'm actually kind of intimidated about all the options the city has to offer! Mind sharing any good recs you got? vhh204 at nyu dot edu

Best of luck! :)

Maya Tara Credico said...

ahh evan, too bad we didn't end up getting together much this summer. School is going to be AMAZING! Do you wanna penpal?

manuel addams said...

what can i do to have your oatmeal chocolate chunk dried blueberry coconut pecan hazelnut cookies and almond butter blondies recipes? *_*

kdubz said...

i am in love with you. love i mean it. more than peanut butter and coffee. honestly, i think you're smashing.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

damn! i need to try making danishes AND giant muffins.