Friday, October 16, 2009

Vegan MoFo Day#16-Peanut Butter Product Review-a Few Energy Bars

okay,so this is a peanut butter clif builder bar.they don't sell the builder bars in canada,and so i was pretty excited to try them because even though i'm not a fan of regular clif/luna bars(i know,like the whole entire rest of the world is...w/e...)i had heard SO many good things about these and how they "tasted like a candy bar" and were "WAY better than clif bars" and blah blah blah.
so i broke down and bought one(it was $2.29!geze)and honestly,i don't see what the hype was whatsoever.
yeah,it was okay,but all clif/luna bars have that weird taste that i can't get past.yeah,there was peanut butter,and yeah there was chocolate,but there's that like protein-powder/supplement aftertaste/undertone that i can't get past or down with.

i remember the first time i ever had a clif bar at all was at camp in 2005 and we planned out snacks and they were an option,so i ate those everyday,the peanut butter(crunchy or something?)ones,and yeah,thought they were just okay.same weird oaty supplement-y taste.i told the woman who did all the meal planning this when we talked about food and she,who was super active and ate a lot and all that said "i know what you mean,i don't understand the whole 'powerbar' thing.honestly,when i'm active or workout,i think the best fuel/snack is just a good ol' pb&'s just as easy..."and y'know what,that's exactly how i feel,a pb&j is a lot more gratifying and satisfying.
i ended up crushing it up and putting it in a bowl of cereal,then it was nice,i guess because of the cereal,almond milk,and
everything else.

peanut butter & jam & granola sammich

and i guess if you need that something 'extra',you can just make a pb&j and granola...
thanks for the idea,theresa.

now,this one,was just better.
i'm not really into lara bars either,i mean,i love all the ingredients,but would rather just eat them whole or by themselves or in a different war than mashed up,but into a bar,and stuck with an expensive price tag.
this actually tasted like a pb&j though.i mean,it was a bit dry,but with a glass of almond milk,it was yummy.i approve,and i guess,it's probably the only lara bar i'd buy again if i had to buy one.

made me really crave medjool dates,though,an old favourite.


Stacy said...

What, I love Clif/Luna bars and was totally unaware my feelings were not shared by the entire American populace.

Dates + peanut butter is like crack, so I rarely have those together unless I want to double my weight in a few hours...

VeggieGirl said...

Thank you for your honest reviews! Have you tried the Pure bars yet? Those are my favorite.

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Woah. I must get my hands on the pb&j Larabar!

Kelly said...

I feel the same way about having the ingredients separately. My fiance is 6'7 and when he turned veg, he started eating Clif bars nonstop, so I got into the habit of it. I used to abhor the weird supplement-y taste when I was younger. I would also rather make my own bars.

Rachel said...

I looovvee builder bars! Especially the white ones, whatever flavor they are.

nora said...

yeah, that weird bar taste is not fun.

never thought to put granola on a pb&j! sounds great!

and dates + PB are wonderful.