Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vegan MoFo Day#15-Peanut Butter Ice Cream Wars at Lula's and In My Heart...

peanut butter fudge

so about exactly 11 months ago i made my first trip to lula's sweet apothecary and had,what i claimed to be,the best ice cream i've ever had in my life-yes,better than foster freeze's french vanilla softserve,better than ben and jerry's cookie dough or the banana one,or the one with the brownies and almonds,yes,just the best ice cream ever-lula's peanut butter fudge.

peanut butter fudge.

perfectly salty and sweet,incredibly peanut butter-y,with like hot fudge swirls in it,but it was frozen hot fudge,and zedohmygawd,it's what made me keep going back to this place so freakin' much.and of course,coming back to nyc,i get to have it all the time,and it's only improved.
though of course,not there's an may have met it's match...

top off...
pb&j ice cream.
seriously.the same crazy good peanut butter ice cream,but with strawberry jam.and if yr kittee,jess,or really any vegan i knew in 2007,you know how i FEEL about strawberry jam...

sara chan's.

so,basically,i'm still
i'll make up my mind soon enough,when i can try them together in a bowl sometime.
temporary solution?
eat ice cream and pray that you get there on a day when they're both in stock.sometimes life is just SO hard...


i mean,it DID happen ONCE...
banana split time
but i was overwhelmed and can't remember.sigh.


kittee said...

strawberry jam!


nora said...

hmmm i wonder why you were overwhelmed... :)

i tried the pb fudge when in nyc, but they didn't have pb&j. my ice cream blended so much with my toppings and stuff though, it's hard to remember exactly what it tasted like in itself!

michele said...

This is vegan? Can you mail some to me in CA?