Saturday, October 3, 2009

Vegan MoFo Day#3-Peanut Butter & Coffee Pt.1-Stumptown,PDX,NYC,Jess,and Basically Being Really Vegan.

soy cappuccino & peanut butter-ed banana @ stumptown,ace hotel,nyc
as you may know from previous posts and elsewhere,i really love good coffee and am kinna an amateur coffee nerd/snob/connoisseur,and obviously i really love peanut i am going to write about them both together.for vegan mofo i'll start a series of coffee and peanut butter and this will be part one.
obviously portland is a crazy vegan mecca but also stumptown coffee is from there,so i figure it'd be an appropriate place to start,especially since they just opened a stumptown in the new ace hotel here in nyc less than a month ago,which i wrote about here.

i think coffee and peanut butter go together.probably because i consume them everyday,not always together,but still,sometimes at the same time.i had a cappuccino at stumptown,which kinna made me feel out of my element since i would generally get just espresso,

like i did the previous morning since i didn't have class until 3,maybe a macchiato,but usually i like to keep it pure,and kind of felt like i was having dessert,but i guess that made it okay to do this...

sacrilege.but i did it for the vegans.

it was really good.hairbender is generally pretty bright and milk chocolate-y and and not as straightforward and bittersweet like blackcat(something popular and widely available...)tends to be,and had a pretty spicy,like cinnamon and clove,hints.

i enjoyed stumptown a lot the last 2 times i was in portland,and have had it at absolutely amazing places,such as barista,and most of the time i'd get coffee with jess,who basically is veganism in portland,who even has a website called stumptown vegans,and really everything just comes full circle and the whole entire world makes sense.yay!

oh yeah...

there was a breakfast in the lobby of the hotel.the lady let me have one.i guess because i had peanut butter?


Heather said...

Love those swirly hearts or leaves the baristas make in the coffee. Your photos are lovely.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

According to that lady, it's peanut butter jelly time!