Friday, October 9, 2009

Vegan MoFo Day#9-Peanut Butter and,or In Cereal


cereal just AIN'T cereal if it's a)doesn't have chunks/slices of bananas in it and b)there no smear of peanut butter on the side of the bowl to smear each spoonful in.true story.cereal and peanut butter just go together.the milk gets all sugary and peanut buttery from the grains and's lovely,and so nice to drink.try it!if you hate soggy cereal,it even makes that part enjoyable.

granola soaked with almond milk over night in the fridge,peanut butter-ed.

speaking of sorry cereal,i personally love it,and really really love granola,soaked overnight in the fridge with almond milk,like fill a bowl of cereal just over the top with almond milk and it will soak it all over over the night,and turn out like oatmeal.i was almost out of cereal last weekend and didn't even need to empty it into a bowl!

creamy like oatmeal,but more flavourful,and maybe easier?oatmeal is pretty easy,though.

i like adding banana as it's soaking,makes it even sweeter.

and with a bit melty/room temp peanut butter afterwards on top,just splooging into every spoonful of soggy,sloppy oats,is just perfect!


Katie said...

As I am reading this I am eating cereal with almond milk, bananas, coconut shreds, ground up peanuts (made into a peanut butter crumble...try it!) and some peanut banana butter. AMAZINGGGG!

Ashley said...

Dude, I used to mix peanut butter into my cereal all the time. My newest thing is peanut butter with my asian roommates black bean sauce on bread. omgg peanut butterrr.

DJ said...

Banana chunk & cereal = yes but with peanut butter? Not sure... The idea of soaking granola overnight in almond milk is simple yet genius, though!

Sarah said...

ooh. i'm making granola today and trying this tomorrow!

nora said...

that's SUCH a good idea--soaking granola overnight! i'm guessing it's best with pretty chunky granola, so that there's still a bit of texture even when it's "soggy"!

thanks for the inspiration :)

Susan said...

You are a hero to me. I love peanut butter, and now I am learning so many more things to do with it!