Saturday, October 10, 2009

Vegan MoFo Day#10-Peanut Butter,Mango,and Roasted Squash Wrap/Sammich

Peanut Butter,Mango,and Roasted Squash Wrap.

so from late march until early august,as you might know,i was obsessed with fresh mangoes.i would eat at least one a day,some
days upwards of three.and i'm no talking about the little ataulfo,yellow ones.i mean the big,red,mexican(usually) ones.and i would go
out of my way every single day to make sure that i had ripe,ready to eat ones.i was totally obsessed.thinking about it now it's pretty
ridiculous,but i guess i was really into mango?i even had/have a 'mango' set on my flickr.
anyways,i stopped after i had really bad digestive problems in early august and even had to stay the night in the ER, and had to stop
eating all fruits besides bananas for 2 weeks,and mango and watermelon just made my stomach turn so i stopped eating them.and
than last weekend,after exactly 2 months actually,i found an amazingly perfectly ripe mango and just bought in nyc it's not
so hard to find ripe mangoes-every single bodega practically sells them.but w/e.


so i made these wraps.with roasted butternut and kabocha squash,mango,and crunchy,salted peanut butter.
everyone thought that this was weirder than the pickles and peanut butter,but surprisingly goes really well.
i ate mango and squash,and often peanut butter,together a lot over the summer,so i knew it would.there's coarse sea salt on these,too to balance out the sweetness of the super ripe mango.anyways,super interesting flavours,and very salty/sweet.

reunited,and it felt so good.


even when i went on trips...(victoria)

i guess my life is now easier that i don't HAVE to carry a knife,container,and fragile mango around all day...

no,blythe doesn't try every sammcich i make,just 93% of them.


Laura said...

i would totally try that sandwich! i love love love the salty sweet combination! and you really cannot have too much peanut butter. ever.

lux lux said...

i call it the mango mania. when i was away for college for the first time, i obsessively had to eat two for breakfast every day. then on a trip to Brick Lane, i discovered a stall selling a crate of eight mangoes for £2. so i bought one, even though they were heavy to lug around. and ate them all. OMG. can't eat mangoes anymore. i see them in the shop every time but its just like, no, NO:) one day at a time..

nora said...

glad you can eat mangoes once again! sounds like a delicious combo to me!

vanessa said...

I went through a pineapple phase that lasted almost a year. It started when I was in the hospital, and one day had the most INTENSE craving for pineapple. Ate a whole one for breakfast one time.

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Mangos are great! That wrap sounds pretty damn good.

Susan said...

Oh my goodness.... that looks like heaven in a sandwich!

Susan said...

Oh my goodness.... that looks like heaven in a sandwich!