Monday, October 12, 2009

Vegan MFo Day#12-Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!Peanut Butter,Apple,Squash & Cranberry Sammich!and an Incredible Pumpkin Milkshake!

Peanut Butter,Apple,Squash & Cranberry Sammich

so it' canadian thanksgiving,but i'm in new york now,but i guess i celebrated with this peanut butter very thanksgiving-y sammich,
it's squash baked with black pepper,sea salt,onions and cranberries,crunchy peanut butter,honeycrisp apple slices and more of that caramelized onion focaccia bread.
million dollar sammich,you already clearly know how i feel about squash and peanut butter together...


and more seasonal,orange,squashy things...

incendiary Pumpkin Pie Milkshake with Sweet & Sara Ghost Marshmallow.
from,duh...lula's sweet apothecary.
it was super thick,and pumpkin-y,with bits of graham cracker crust,and really really just perfect.
and the marshmallow was the perfect accompaniment over,say,whipped cream,or something.
sweet and sara should make pumpkin pie s'mores.

oh no!



alyssa and i met up at lula's for a little bit yesterday.and i brought her...

because i'm nice.



Alyssa Franchetti said...

I have baked goodz for you. Any free time on Wednesday? I'm free anytime!!!!

nora said...

best sandwich ever!

Alyssa Franchetti said...

btw make me a sandwich, you know, if you want to.

Katie said...

Sweet and Sara should make holiday themed smores! That would be amazinggggg.

Sweet & Sara said...

Hi Bjorkedoff!!! I saw you at Lula's Friday night! If i had known it was you i wouldve said hello! boo :(. speaking of which, our ghost in the shake photo is TOO ADORABLE!!! Thanks always for your support and for blogging about us!

VeganCowGirl said...

All looks great!

herbivore said...

Ahhh this is all amazing. I want.

K.E.N. said...

ooooo, pumpkin s'more, yes please!!

love the random.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I actually dreamed about this post last night. I need to get a life! I dreamed that my Mum and brother flew out to NYC to visit me (I'm originally from the UK but am spending 3 months living in the States) because I told them I was going to take them to get the best ice cream in the world. We walked for ages to find Lula's, then when I tried to order a pumpkin milkshake (complete with ghost marshmallow!) they said they didn't have any. So I decided to go for PB with chocolate fudge. They didn't have that either. I was very upset... then I realised we were in the wrong place, so we headed over to the real Lula's and I got BOTH. I woke up before I got to taste them though, I was gutted! I'm not sure why I felt the need to share that, but whatever. I'll be back in NYC in a few weeks and i fully intend to live out the good parts of this dream :D