Saturday, October 24, 2009

Vegan MoFo Day#24-Peanut Butter Danishes!PB&J Danish Made By Me!

pb&j danishes!

enjoyed the next morning by theresa and i at stumptown.we split the last pb&j one.which was actually the last of all the danishes.
here it is with a cappuccino.



and non pb&j danishes-here we have a strawberry danish.

orange danish.

wild blueberry danish.

pile of mixed danishes.

it was really fun to make and share with friends from school and lula's and everywhere.
but the pb&j danish was a pretty brilliant and delicious idea.
i mean-it's like a pb&j,but not on bread,rather flaky,buttery pastry.c'mon.million dollar idea.
and after making danishes so much in vancouver,i swore id be sick of them and never eat one again-i didn't even want to eat one,and hadn't had a danish in a while before moving.but the pb&j ones changed that.yum.


Jeni Treehugger said...

Oh YUM! I can dig that.

craftyvegan said...

Those danishes look incredible! Any chance you would like to share the recipe?

DJ said...

Everytime I see those danishes I get excited! They look so... authentic? And I always really really loved danishes - more than any other pastry.

Anonymous said...

You've got me craving good coffee and danish pastries now! Do you make the pastry yourself, or can you buy it from supermarkets? I only just moved over to the States so I've got no idea what's available!