Monday, October 19, 2009

Vegan MoFo Day#19-Peanut Butter and I Officially Make the Best Banana Bread Ever and More Stumptown Coffee

i don't even know how to drink a latte...

peanut butter-ed banana bread and a soy latte.
eaten at stumptown coffee,in the lobby of the ace hotel.
baked by me.

here is a story.
i've been going to the stumptown in the lobby of the ace hotel just about every single day(minus 2 or 3) for the past 2 weeks started with a really incredible ethiopian yirgachaffe which tasted like peach tea as it cooled,and continued by consistently getting amazing,molasses-y shots of espresso.
i know that i can bake,so baked goods aren't really that huge of a deal to me when i see them.i know i could make it myself and maybe better,blah blah blah,no big deal.but in the pastry case there,they have plain chunks of banana bread baked in a bundt pan,and seeing it every day made me start REALLY craving banana bread.plain,old banana bread.ridiculous,right?it's so easy,simple,i used to make banana bread in my sleep.but i don't have an oven,and i guess disance makes the heart grow fonder,and i really really wanted banana bread.
and then i kinna wanted it with i baked some at a friends house.same one i've made a million times,with a million variations,for my bakesales,as muffins,etc.and i brought it with me to the cafe,and used my filled up stampcard for a free drink,and figured i'd get something expensive,even if i don't even know how to drink a latte,and it was fantastic,and now all can be right with the world.
oh,and i ate it,in my favourite way...with peanut butter,of course.


Katie said...

recipe? :) (even if i bat my eyelashes real cute-like?)

KiKi said...

... and I'll say pretty please with glitter on top *bats eyelashes real cute-like, too*

I shouldn't come here anymore, I definitely shouldn't!
Darned be you, MoFo, for bringing me here to that craving-inducing place!!!!!

nora said...

are those crushed almonds on top of the bread?

bjorkedoff/drowninginademitasse said...

nora,yes!they are crushed almonds.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so maybe you've tried this and maybe not, but DO IT!!! Grab a yummy grainy wrap, slather on peanut butter, smoosh up some DATES (key ingredient) and spread 'em on, top with anything like cinnamon, banana, sweet potato (yeah), etc etc or nothing at all. Consume. Holy schmoly.

kittee said...

Your story warmed my heart.