Friday, October 30, 2009

Vegan MoFo Day#30-Peanut Butter 'Oats In a Jar'

oats in a pb jar5
look at that chunk o'peanut butter!

so this kind if brilliant idea is really popular and this was my first time trying it,and i'm pretty sure that chocolatecoveredkatie either 'invented' it,or at least made it really popular.

oats in a pb jar3

this is my practically empty jar of peanut butter,and the idea is that you make oatmeal in it.then eat it.and it's like amazing-er than just oatmeal with peanut butter stirred in or added.

oats in a pb jar4

adding museli 'mix'...

oats in a pb jar1

heated unsweetened original almond breeze...

oats in a pb jar2

shake and let sit...

oats in a pb jar6

and i like my oats cold when i eat em,so i put it in the fridge after adding some banana chunks and then ate later in the afternoon.

as you can tell from the picture at the beginning of the post,mine was super peanut way to eat cereal/oatmeal.just make sure that you always have a practically(i guess) empty peanut butter jar on hand.


nora said...

now this i can get on board with!

Cindy said...

what is your favorite peanut butter brand?

Sarah said...

thanks rayray!

i made this w/ maranatha pb and i am stuffed after about 5 bites.

Luciana said...

I have to try this!