Friday, October 17, 2008

Vegan MoFo Day 17:Get (Peanut Butter) Sconed!

peanut butter scones 011

So on Tuesday when I was baking all that biscotti and whatnot and we had the impromptu tea party,I also whipped out some peanut butter chocolate scones.They're from My Sweet Vegan,which I got last winter and,if you remember made a plethora of recipes from.I don't know how I overlooked these,but I did.I mean,peanut butter scones?That sounds like it just might be right up my alley.Just might.Maybe.Do I even have an alley?
I probably wouldn't have known about them if Jess,a week and a half ago,when we were taking brunch pictures with Isa,said "what about Hannah's peanut butter scones?" when I was talking about how we need to make peanut butter scones.And therefore I was enlightened that My Sweet Vegan had a peanut butter scone recipe.Who knew?
Well,okay,Jess knew,and I'm sure Hannah did,too.

peanut butter scones 001

Oh,and these were a hit.
I was surprised,honestly,because they're scones,and I'm not one to talk about things being too sweet/somethings not supposed to be very sweet,because I LOVE really really sweet things,but I thought that everyone would not realize that scones aren't supposed to be sweet or like muffins/cake and be disappointed.Wrong.I underestimated everyone.Or maybe I underestimated myself?
The recipe made 4 scones.Patrick(younger brother) and Ryn(Sarah;s boyfriend) ate 3.There was one left,and Sian got it.Haven't gotten her opinion on them yet,but Ryn was really excited about them,and Patrick asked to eat more of them.I got one bite!And I probably wouldn't have if I hadn't crushed the corner of one causing it to fall off as I took them out of the oven,but I did,and I liked it.I'm really into the bread-y texture with a big peanut butter background,but not overly peanut buttery.And they were moist,too.
I didn't make the icing from the book,rather unsed chocolate chips.

peanut butter scones 009

p.s i talk about jess in this post and i cleverly named it after her.what a small world full of coincidences and clever intricacies!


VeggieGirl said...

My Sweet Vegan recipe = brilliant.

Peanut Butter scones = decadent.


kittee said...

i made something with peanut butter for dinner! soft spring rolls with a pb dipping sauce. uh huh, oh yea.


Hannah said...

Glad you liked (and found, to begin with) the scones!