Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vegan MoFo Day 16:Black Bottom Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Biscotti + more Hottie Biscottis!

black bottom peanut butter chocolate chip biscotti

So on Tuesday I decided that I was gonna bake some test biscotti for Isa and Terry's upcoming cookie book.
And since I was baking I decided to make peanut butter chocolate biscotti,too.
I couldn't find a vegan recipe(why do vegans hate peanut butter?jerks)so I found a non-vegan one and changed it to my likings.As in use flax eggs,vanilla soymilk,and more peanut butter.And to really up the ante I spread chocolate on the bottom to make em fancier.Well,when you call em 'black-bottomed' they all of a sudden become fancy.
Daniel was the biggest fan of these.
And so was Patrick.But there was so much that I baked that day,I just know that these were Daniel's favourites.

black bottom peanut butter chocolate chip biscotti

and on with the other hottie biscottis...
green tea toasted walnut biscotti.

Yesterday I went out with my sister's boyfriend and he was like"I ate the last biscotti today.Sarah was mad because I saved her a scone and ate the biscotti,because I thought she'd want the scone,but she liked the biscotti more.But so did I,so she phoned me to say that I ruined her coffee break."
But I didn't need to hear that to know that these rule.I had an impromptu tea party yesterday afternoon while I was baking these and everyone kind of loved them.Me included.
I originally made them for my friend Sian for her birthday since she wanted a green tea cake.But only so many fit into a jar for gift giving.Anyways,these are excellent.they have a really intense green tea flavour,the toasted walnuts were a perfect earthy compliment to the sweetness.These aren't overly sweet,or even very sweet,but they're sweet enough.Like,matcha latte-like.And there was no bitterness from the matcha,which was nice.
I made half with walnuts and half with black sesame seeds.The toasted walnuts were really really nice.
sian was really happy that they tasted strongly of green tea.
green tea toasted walnut biscotti.

tea time 057

tea time 037

tea time 036

tea time 035

tea time 034
clearly Sarah loved the biscotti.She had it with some green tea.ha!

tea time 014
The end nub became my mustache.

tea time 071
Sian's loot-ALMOST ready to go.

green tea toasted walnut biscotti.
and if Sian couldn't decide between toasted walnut or black sesame,there was the one connecting piece which met in the middle.


VeggieGirl said...

I'm usually not a fan of biscotti (since I loooove soft & chewy cookies), but yours look WONDERFUL!!

DJ said...

I'm always frightened of making biscotti because of the double-baking thing, but these look amazing!

kittee said...

you are freaking me out with the amount of baking that happens at your place.

love n stuff,