Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cashew Butter Cardamon Cupcakes

i think i can say that these are my favourite cupcakes from vctotw.considering i've made all of them
i feel like i can have an honest opinion.the cupcake is so moist and i LOVE cashew butter(second to peanut butter)and the frosting is really excellent,too.this is the third time i've made them.the orange hint in the cake is very nice,too.






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VeggieGirl said...

haha yes, if there's ANYONE that I trust when it comes to choosing the best cupcake from VCTOTW, it's you - I think you're one of the only ones (if not, THE only one) who has made EVERY SINGLE CUPCAKE from that book!!

Cashew-butter is delicious, although I've never had the cardamon spice before - so those flavors work well together, eh?