Thursday, December 6, 2007

Happy Birthday!a thing of pure beauty

happy birthday to me!well,yesterday,december 5th.
Peanut ButterBomb Brownie Cheesecake Torte.
this was inspired by tofu666's thanksgiving torte,but i didn't follow their directions or recipe.
this in fudgy brownies,peanut butter cheesecake,peanut butter buttercream frosting,fudgy brownies,peanut butter cheesecake and peanut butter bombs on top.With ganache and sjaaks organic peanut butter cups.i love myself.and this cake.and my dad,brothers,sister and her boyfriend all came over.everyone liked it and daniel started the trend of people asking for slices that were 1/8th of the cake.yum.
clearly i love myself:
BirthdayPeanut ButterBombBrownieCheesecakeTorte1

BirthdayPeanut ButterBombBrownieCheesecakeTorte2

BirthdayPeanut ButterBombBrownieCheesecakeTorte3

BirthdayPeanut ButterBombBrownieCheesecakeTorte4

BirthdayPeanut ButterBombBrownieCheesecakeTorte5

BirthdayPeanut ButterBombBrownieCheesecakeTorte6

BirthdayPeanut ButterBombBrownieCheesecakeTorte7

and some exciting birthday polaroids:


karl brought me 66 organic breaburn apples.and some other things.he's great.

there was a rainbow on tuesday after the snow and then rain.

oh and saturday my portfolio was accepted by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.yay!


Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

you = amazing.

yes, many many vegan treats reviews! i ate a plethora of their items.

VeggieGirl said...

Happy belated birthday, Evan!! That Peanut-Butter-Bomb-Brownie Cheezecake Torte looks so decadent it's blowing my mind.

And wow, congratulations on being accepted into the School of the Art Institute of Chicago!! So much excitement!! :0D

BitterSweet said...

Talk about an incredible cake, that thing looks crazy good! I know I'm a little late now, but happy birthday all the same!

Leeanne said...

Wow, Evan - what a week! I'm thinking that you probably could have swapped that cake for a Kitsilano waterfront property.

Anonymous said...

my taste buds tingle overwhelmingly when i look at this cake.

jonimarie said...

well happy late birthday to you, and congrats on getting into art school! AWESOMENESS both in the torte and inlife. YAY YOU!