Thursday, December 20, 2007

I sure freakin am passionate about dessert


I finally received my copy of My Sweet Vegan by Hannah Kaminsky in the mail from Side Car for PIg's Peace (in Seattle).That's a thank you note on the cover,btw.ANYWAYS,first thing I did was make the bananas foster's real good.this is exciting.

Picture 167

Picture 176

Bananas Foster Cake from my sweet vegan.
this is such a good cake!like the cake part is SO light and fluffy and very very banana-y.and the caramel frosting is excellent.i love bananas,caramel and rum,so this cake is like perfect.i knew i would make it first,seeing the picture of it on hannah's blog back in august is what got me interested in her blog/book and boy am i glad i did.

Picture 177

Picture 178

how awesome it is that fellow blogger hannah(who leaves such sweet comments on mine sometimes!) is only a year older than me and accomplished creating such a beautiful and inspiring book.
i can't wait to try out some more recipes from the book!they're all really,really creative or unusual.definitely something to be getting excited about.


Calimaryn said...

Wow! That cake is fabulous and looks so much like the picture in the book. All these blog posts are convincing me that I need that cookbook! Thank you for the nudge in a sweet direction.

VeggieGirl said...

ahhh, the bananas foster cake looks phenomenal!! I've already made 4 recipes from her book (showed the treats on my blog already), and I can't wait to continue making more!!

bittersweetblog said...

I'm so happy that you enjoyed the cake, it looks like it came out perfectly! Thanks for the glowing review, too. :)

Leeanne said...

Evan - thank you so much! That piece was fantastic, I ate it during my break. I think I may need to visit Sidecar during the break and pick up that book! Hope to see you over the break once I get some time off of work!

bazu said...

I love how your cake and Hannah's photo look identical! I'll have to bookmark that recipe in the book, to bake asap...