Thursday, January 10, 2008

More Sweet Vegan and Seattle-ish.

So I've been working my way through more My Sweet Vegan recipes and I've come across one that definitely deserves praise.Also,last Saturday I went to Seattle,which was really fun and exciting.

Cookies & Cream Pound Cake from My Sweet Vegan.
Holy god this is so so so so so good.Definitely one of the best recipes i've made from the book.But it's pound cake filled with cookies,so what do you expect?
This bread had the perfect texture.I mean,I would expect that from a pound cake,but so far i've only had good vegan pound cake experiences with the v'con recipe and this one from My Sweet Vegan.More often than not vegan pound cake equates to a vanilla sweet bread-but pound cake is much more than that;rich,buttery,a little "crust",moist but not dense,and soft.
Thankfully this bread delivered on the promise of pound cake,and it was filled with
cookies.I used Trader Joe's Joe Joes.Best vegan oreos?



Self Frosting Peanut Butter Cupcakes
from My Sweet Vegan.
Not too sweet,VERY peanut buttery.Good,but I'd call them a muffin and not a cupcake,especially since all the fat comes from the peanut butter,there's flax in them and the aforementioned not-too-sweetness.I like the Jimmy Carter Cakes from vctotw more,so I don't know if I'd make these again,since adding chocolate chips to the batter would be basically the same as the "self-frosting" bit just without the swirl.
Picture 386

Picture 381

On Saturday I went down to Seattle,WA to attend another National Portfolio Day.The last one being December 1st an Emily Carr.I posted a picture from the last one and mentioned about my portfolio being accepted by SAIC.Anyways,my dad and I drive down there to be at Cornish College at 9am,doors open at 10,stars 11.We get there 8:30,it's stormy,doors open at 9,sign in,line up,tons of people,3 lines,etc,etc,I get to the front of the line for the 3rd floor so at 11 I can get a good spot for the lines I wanna be in.I saw reps from Cooper Union and RISD.Both reviews went well,I got a faculty referral from Cooper Union to apply(despite it being so late,so that was nice)and the guy from RISD really liked the bird drawings series(a few posted under link) I had.I only saw the 2 schools,but by the time we were done there was only 1 hour left before it ended.Afterwards we went to the West Lake Whole Foods which was like 2 ft away from the school.It was huge and fancy and had a lot of vegan cake,but they were just boring,like vanilla.Though the fudge was awesome.And there was the biggest comice pears i've ever seen.
Then we went to Sidecar For Pig's Peace like usual.They were out of a lot of stuff,like Ricemellow and smores,but I did get some neat junk.Then my dad wanted to go to Trader Joes in hoped of cheap booze like he used to get in California,but WA doesn't sell it in grocery stores,only wine,but I didn't object to going and I got super cheap Joe Joes(as mentioned earlier,organic agave for $3.29(!!!)almond butter for like $5.50 and a bunch of other good deals.I miss Trader Joes,I remember going there when I was in 5th grade.
Well,that was our last stop,then we drove home.My dad's a really fast driver,and we had a fun time,and the portfolio review was another great experience,so I can't complain.Here's some pictures:

vegan peanut butter fudge from whole foods in Seattle cloying.
Picture 394

Picture 396






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VeggieGirl said...

I've made the cupcakes and the pound cake as well!! the cupcakes were my first recipe EVER that I tried from Hannah's book, and I made the pound cake for my Christmas party - they were both winning recipes, for sure!! oh and I believe that Newman-O's are the best vegan oreos, but that's just my opinion ;0)

wow, sounds like quite a trip; and the portfolio day sounds like it went well!!

vegan fudge from Whole Foods?? lucky!!