Thursday, January 3, 2008

best pie ever and black bottom blondies

So,besides the totally incredible,melt in yr mouth,super smooth and chocolate-y,so good it needs no words(hence the post) cheesecake I posted a couple days ago,there has been more baking going on.

I made SMLOVE purely out of an intense craving I got last night after seeing mrsbadmouthkt's porn of it.As you may know,smlove is my favourite dessert,well besides the cake i made for my birthday,but w/e,smlove is amazing and i made it in November and thought i'd give it a while before making it again,and i was planning on making cheesecake instead,but no,I NEEDED smlove.I needed to be shown smlove.And I needed it with a glass of chocolate peppermint soymilk.Which I never crave and wouldn't usually want,but it needed to be done.SO good.So glad I gave in.



hey there

i also had it on new years eve just past midnight

Black Bottom Blondies from My Sweet Vegan.
The black bottom brownies sector is really really dense and fudgy and the blondies are everything that was perfect about the butterscotch blondies all on top.These were for my friend Karl,but I WILL be making these again.



chack out that "fudge".



VeggieGirl said...

ahhh that smlove pie!! and the blondies!! your pictures of the sweets you make are always so enticing and tantalizing!!

Anonymous said...

Your recipes are lovely but please tell me that isn't you in those photos. You're not well at all :( and it's very sad as well as surprising

Anonymous said...

maybe you should become a lacto- ovo Vegetarian. This is not a good example of Veganism. Sorry !