Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Vegan Brunch is Here!Raspberries!Victoria!Danishes!Etc...

so because i spent a million dollars on fresh raspleberries
to celebrate,these are the Bakery-Style Mixed Berry Muffins.They're pretty much going to be the new 'Best Pumpkin Muffins'.Does that make sense?They're really big,fluffy,perfectly moist,sweet,and well,muffin-y in the best way possible.For this batch I used whole wheat pastry flour,will no-less awesome results.

raspberry beret
and speaking of bother berries and isa,here is the Raspberry Blackout Cake from Vegan with a Vengeance.
I'm instantly reminded of why I will always love that book.
This was for Mimi's 30th birthday.I was all fancy and used organic raspberry preserves and even bought fresh raspberries at the new Whole Foods to decorate it.And they cost a small fortune.But some made their way into the muffs.

and speaking of raspberries...
raspberry blackout danish
Raspberry Blackout Danish.Danish with a chocolate hazelnut raspberry filling.

zebra pastry
mini Zebra Pastry.
Just cuz.

Oh and last week I went with my good friends Joanne and Glenn of Liberation BC fame to Victoria,where Joanne,who is working at HSI currently was organizing a bear trophy hunting demonstration at the Parliament building.We built a teddy bear monument.It was really fun.Though,it started pouring at about 10 to 2,right when it started.Fun.
It went really well though.


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Oh,and I should mention that Denyce,a fellow ppker had been in contact with me about mail ordering some danishes and cinnamon rolls the week previous.How serendipitous that I would be going to Victoria,so we met up and I sold her some goods.Also,I provided nourishment for the 5 of us who drove over:

very professional.

sick of seeing danishes yet?

green cuisine.



bird watching.

...and of course there was coffees.
But really fantastic coffee from 2% Jazz.
2% jazz soy macchiato #1
soy macchiato #1.

2% jazz soy macchiato #2 for free!
soy macchiato #2.for FREE!

the first one was good,but this one was ambrosial.f'reals.
and prettier.
apparently it was a shorter pull.
can i mention that they use Soy Dream soymilk?
yeah,the guy and i were talking and i was like "well,if you can make the macchiato really pretty,that's a bonus.."and he was all "well,latte art with soymilk is easy,but it's just generally harder in a macchiato" and so i had the first one and then he just looked at me and was like "do you want another?"
how great is that?

oh and i'll also mention that soy dream french vanilla ice cream is amazing.people don't really seem to like it!
wtf is with all these companies making vanilla bean,when french vanilla,all off-white/manilla coloured,is the best?!and they don't even sell it here anymore.laaame.


and more coffee:

free-pour soy cappuccino at wicked cafe.
it's nice to get intelligentsia coffees in vancouver,especially since all anywhere else seems to serve is 49th parallel.diversity is good and nice.

I finally used my free coffee stamp card at wicked cafe last week.i had to make an event of it so i brought dan,his boyfriend james,and maria.


lux lux said...

the coffees make for such beautiful photographs!! i always wait for my stamp to fill up, then go all out with the biggest, most ludicrously non-coffee-flavored frappuccino thing i can get on the house:)

ps. omg wish vanilla soy ice-cream made it over this side of the atlantic. truly we are unenlightened..!

Sarah said...

i'd never be sick of your danishes!!! <3

Maya Tara Credico said...

Let's make sure to set up next to eachother for the craft sale;) I'll come over this week , I swear.

Victoria rocks! We should go there on a coffee tour sometime soon- their downtown is tiny, and you can walk/bike anywhere.

ally. said...

you make the most decadent desserts! i do believe you are cinnamon bun queeen!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

So when are you going to move to California and bake me glorious things? This needs to happen.

bjorkedoff said...

thanks for the compliments,guys!

MO,where in california are you?i just moved back here almost 5 years ago from southern california-LA/OC area.
though,i LOOOOVE it there and visit at least once a year...

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

zebra pastry! that pug purse is crazy. cinnamon rollssss.

Wheeler's Crew said...

All those danishes look so delicious! Especially the Rasberry Blackout Danish! Are they all vegan?

bjorkedoff said...

hi wheeler's crew,
yes!all of the danishes are 100% can come over and watch me make them if yr ever around...

Kylie said...

Do you ever just look through your archives of baking masterpieces and think, "Gee, self, I have some impressive culinary skills." ?
If you haven't, I suggest you do, because it is time, and you are a bamf (baking ass mother..)

I dig yo desserts. :)