Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Big Fat Vegan Bake Sale v2.0-Mint Chocolate Oreo Cake,9 Varieties of Danishes(fig!),Lots of Muffins,and a lot more...PLUS East Van Barista Jam

mybigfatveganbakesalev2.0 078



Hey.So this past sunday was the second BLIM Monthly Community Market,and again i was selling vegan baked goods.oh,and that's the poster i made for my table.it's ballpoint pen and coloured pencils.

mybigfatveganbakesalev2.0 051
Mint Chocolate Oreo Cake.
so i wasn't actually gonna make this,or any cake,rather i was going to only bake what sold really well last time and lots of it and stick to that.BUT,everytime my mom visits she says "you should make a cake for yr next bake sale and sell slices,and have them in little pieces of wax paper for people.but in the shape of a cake still.that would sell.you should do that.people like cakes.make one that looks nice.and put the slices in little pieces of wax paper.i see people do that all the time.that would sell."
but i still wasn't going to.then last week she said it again,and even said that if it didn't sell then she would buy it from me.i wouldn't have taken her money(maybe...)but i decided to do it to make her happy.so,since i still have some Trader Joes Peppermint Jo Jo's left, i decided to do a mint chocolate oreo cake.it was chocolate cake,mint buttercream frosting,more chocolate cake,and A LOT of thick chocolate ganache.and extra mint frosting on top and bottom,and quite a few of the peppermint jo jo's.and well,it sold.i sold a slice before i had even taken my stuff out of mimi's car to set up the table.so i guess my mom was right.
i still have some jojo's,and the boxes say they're good until july,so there miiiight be another cake at the one next month on june 14th...

mybigfatveganbakesalev2.0 055

mybigfatveganbakesalev2.0 059
Danishes!9 Varieties!
From left to right,top to bottom:
fig,blueberry,chocolate hazelnut raspberry,coconut mango,nutella,grape,raspberry,strawberry,and cherry cheese.

oh,hey,this is freaking Rose Melberg with a chocolate hazelnut raspberry danish.i was kind of blown away.
joanna said this on flickr

"it's too bad that you decided at the last minute not to make some peanut butter pillows and call them "the softies.""

and it made me really happy.
mybigfatveganbakesalev2.0 041

mybigfatveganbakesalev2.0 040
Nutella Danish.

mybigfatveganbakesalev2.0 037
Blueberry Danish.

mybigfatveganbakesalev2.0 036
Fig Danish.

mybigfatveganbakesalev2.0 076
studio from the ppk and her fig danish.

mybigfatveganbakesalev2.0 035
Coconut Mango Danish.

mybigfatveganbakesalev2.0 033
Raspberry Danish.

mybigfatveganbakesalev2.0 031
Grape Danish.

mybigfatveganbakesalev2.0 030
Cherry Cheese Danish.

okay,sick of danishes yet?!
moving on...

mybigfatveganbakesalev2.0 014
Cinnamon Rolls.

mybigfatveganbakesalev2.0 029

mybigfatveganbakesalev2.0 054
Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk muffins.

mybigfatveganbakesalev2.0 057
Mixed Berry Muffins.

mybigfatveganbakesalev2.0 061
Peanut Butter Cups.

mybigfatveganbakesalev2.0 058
White Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chip Cookies.
i.e the best cookies EVER.a few ppkers,daniel's boyfriend,and myself agree.

mybigfatveganbakesalev2.0 023
and some dough.maybe better than the cookies?

mybigfatveganbakesalev2.0 067
the spread.

mybigfatveganbakesalev2.0 073
denyce has really great taste in music.

mybigfatveganbakesalev2.0 072
leila and becca even brought me coffee.and i didn't know they were coming!it was from the le faux bourgeoise cafe that opened.not bad,but...

mybigfatveganbakesalev2.0 071

mybigfatveganbakesalev2.0 062
mimsicle is the best.

mybigfatveganbakesalev2.0 070
and the internet came!

mybigfatveganbakesalev2.0 069
and their children.

mybigfatveganbakesalev2.0 026

and there you have it.whoo.

mybigfatveganbakesalev2.0 045
pre-bake sale black cat espresso at wicked cafe.i had to go that morning to get 20% off beans so...

speaking of coffee,last week i went to the east van barista jam.which was awesome.i think i'm really becoming a coffee connoisseur now.or nerd.whatevs.thanks so much michelle,who works at radio station cafe,for letting me know about this and being so nice and friendly that day.


it was at radio station cafe,i met a lot of friendly people,there was a lot of fancy cameras,and umm it was really exciting watching baristas,and some non-baristas,pull shots for 3.5 hours.

Banana Espresso Chocolate Chunk Bread.

peanut buttered.

9 free organic bananas from whole foods.
the one furthest to the right was already mine,and i was just eating it.
see,i just asked if there was overripe bananas.the guy said probably not,but that's he'd look in the back,came back with a box,and said to tell the cashier they were courtesy of brayden in produce.
and honestly,look at those bananas,they're totally sellable!

i guess you could say that the bread was partly inspired by the coffee-filled events earlier in the day...

free poured soy cappuccino at jj bean in yaletown.
dan and i went on a date.
ordering this was a hassle though-the girl told me they scoop the cappuccinos and made it seem like they wouldn't be able to do otherwise,and i didn't want a latte really,so i was taking forever and then they asked what exactly was it that i wanted,because i hadn't
specifically said before "i want a free poured soy cappuccino" and so then the barista was like yeah,i can do that,and the problem was solved.was it even a problem?

and i'm just not gonna shut up about coffee...

soy macchicato at jj bean on commercial drive

last thursday,brian,or,hoveringdog from the ppk(internet fame,f'reals)was here in vancouver and i showed him around for about 3.5 hours,wish it could have been longer,but we saw a lot,and had coffee attwo of the best cafes in vancouver for good espresso

dogs that hover

but i don't think he even knew

we met at wicked cafe downtown and he actually brought me some sweet & sara marshies.yes.

okay,and here's a big mango:

see ya.


Nicole (anotheronebitesthecrust.wordpress.com) said...

I really, really hope that one day I can taste your delicious treats!

laura! said...

I don't think I've ever seen such amazing looking food in my life. And I ate at Millennium twice last week. I AM DYING OVER HERE!!!

lux lux said...

complete randomer, i know, but-
WOW! your cakes look like they belong in children's book illustrations, or maybe tim burton films! especially the ones featuring chocolate chunks. they're like exaggerated dream-cake caricatures- HYPERCAKES!!!- wow, so beautiful. inspiring, really. hunger-inspiring:)

Maya Tara Credico said...

Evan, I am going to be in your neighbourhood tomorrow Thurs) afternoon. Are you going to be around? I'll give you a jingle!

Umm, I am going to need the recipe for the banana choco muffins/bread. Was THE BEST! Yay for the next fair!

VeganCowGirl said...

This post was filled wtih so many yummy things that I need to have a serious laydown....or do some yoga or something. Jesus. Impressive. Yum Yum!

herbivore said...

I need to go to Toronto. Like right now. Especially for the danishes.

Wheeler's Crew said...

That mint oreo cake looks to die for!

Wheeler's Crew said...

Your pastries all look delicious and I would have totally bought a slice of your Mint Chocolate Oreo Cake if I'd been in the area. Keep on cooking!!

Erin said...

Great post! I'd buy a piece of that cake, for sure. And eat it right out of the wax paper.

LeAnne said...

Love it! Love it! I'm not a huge sweets person but every time I see you post on PPK or your blog I get the hankerin' for something sweet!

Sylvia said...

Oh. My. Gosh. The Oreo Mint cake thing at the beginning of the article made my stomach melt and my mouth water. I may have licked the computer screen, but I'll never tell. And I've never done that before... Kudos.