Monday, June 11, 2007

more vegan white chocolate

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies
There's only 3 small ones left.Sarah really liked them,and Daniel loved them.I really liked them,too.More so than regular chocolate chip cookies.I used my favourite/what I think is the best chocolate chip cookie recipe and subbed white chips and added a bunch of chopped and whole macadamia nuts.So good.
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ABC Cookies makes a white chocolate chip cherry cookie,which is good,but not that great.Though I was in Seattle this past weekend and had one of their Explosive Espresso Chip cookies which was really really really really yummy.Cate said that they're her favourite,and had one when I was with her in April,and yeah,they're really good.

Also,some local company down there called Rusty's Handbuilt,makes these bars called "peanut butter goo" and they're so amazing.I took the bus down there and got up at 3:55am and it was 4:25,and I had just gotten into the Pretty Girls Make Graves show and hadn't eaten anything yet that day,but I got one of these at Madison Market,which I wasn't going to at the last minute because I feel like I eat too much peanut butter,one of my favouirte foods,if not the favourite,but I got it and they're amazing.When I lived with my mom we/she used to make toffee and it was vegan,and this stuff is just like it.Sooooo good!

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Kate said...

These look great! How did you find vegan white chocolate chips?