Friday, October 8, 2010

Best Cinnamon Roll Of Yr Life Oh & I A Really Awesome New All-Vegan Bakery Oh And "Hi!"Vegan MoFo!!

Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Roll.

hey.long time no talk.yeah,i much has happened.i mean,cathy,my all time fave comic has stopped being published.time flys.sorry.started school,my mom stayed with me,gonna have a drawing in a real show later this month,blah blah blah.oh,and i started baking at a really amazing's called CHAMPS,and is in williamsburg.there's like a million reasons to come check it out,but this post is gonna focus on just one-cinnamon rolls.

Cinnamon Roll Tail.

i was gonna write a super huge crazy post with pics of some of the great stuff,like huge peach danishes(and a myriad of other flavours,like chocolate,maple walnut,pb&j,cherry cheese,etc etc etc)cake ballz,pignoli,really buttery scones,tender,cheesy apple walnut biscuits,gluten free flaky pies,s'mores muffins,blah blah blah.but me personally,i'm really into these.and so iis pretty much everyone else coming in friday-sunday,even a lot of mondays lately.they sell out fast,oh and they're like the size of yr head!!!literally!!



i fell like i've really perfected you know,i've been making crazy cinnamon rolls forever,and think it's really down.
also,every day we have em,i make plain ones,and 2 or 3 secil flavours,like...

Caramelized Apple Cinnamon Roll.


Maple Candied Pecan & Walnut Cinnamon Roll.


Plain Ol' Cinnamon Roll.
hey,that rhymes.har.

Blueberry and Slivered Almond Cinnamon Roll.


eat it,grrrl.

Toasted Coconut Almond Cinnamon Roll.
i KNOW i KNOW,you can't see the coconut nor almonds.BUT one boy did come in,eat one,loved it,ate another,and then went outside and front of my mom,too.she said she was proud.

nosy lady.


SO YEAH.there's been some other ones,but they out kinna fast,and i'm busy making stuff so i don't always get to photograph the strawberry rolls.but whatevs.lots to come.

oh,and also,i decided i'm gonna start updating everyday in spirit of getting ready for VegnMoFo.
i mean,posts about one thing,or one theme/idea/dessert,like this.not crazy long ones that come along every month and a half like i usually do.


WAY more exciting cinnamon roll tomorrow!!!

katies,meghan,rocky and i were in last weeks NY PRESS.
that's also a cinnamon roll in one of my hands.and a banana cream pie.okay bye.


my favorite past cinnamon roll pic is here.


kittee said...

heck yea. your baking is inspiring ray ray. i'd love to hear more about those xgfx pie crusts, too.


Sarah said...

You work in a bakery! F'ing perfect. Share your awesomeness with the world!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

ZOMG! This is pretty much heaven right here.

Clare said...

You're alive! I've been checking this blog for aggggggggges. Good job at, well, getting a good job.

Anonymous said...

You got the groooovveeee!!!
Great Pics and artistic drawings.
It's my favorite blog Vegan...
Thanks thanks and Thank You...

from Costa Rica... Dinarte

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

The tail looks awesome. Can't wait to visit!

joelshrkb8 said...

i came across this blog and LOVE everything you post!!! Problem- i am in Alaska and have no possible way of eating anything like what you post! Where in the world can i get a recipe for a pb and chocolate danish??? I am dying!!! I gained 10 lbs just reading your blog!!