Friday, November 7, 2008

Snickerdoodle and Chocolate Chunk Cookie Doughs Ice Creams

chocolate chunk cookie dough ice cream

Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough Ice Creams.
last summer when mike was visiting in vancouver i made him some vegan chocolate chip cookies.he thought they were awesome and since i'm staying with him right now he asked me to make him some more,and that i did.
they're the best chocolate chip cookies ever.

AND i made 2 batches of dough,so i made some home made chocolate chunk cookie dough ice cream too!
decadent and delicious.
mike says summa my best work yet.

chocolate chunk cookie dough ice cream!

chocolate chunk cookies for mike!

chocolate chunk cookie dough with walnuts!

just dough.

chocolate chunk cookie for mike

chocolate chunk cookies


city grrrl snickerdoodles ice creams!!!

City Grrrl Snickerdoodles Ice Creams.
homemade snickerdoodle ice cream with vanilla beans,cinnamon sugar,snickerdoodle dough,and snickerdoodle pieces/crumbles.
what a treat!

testers from isa and terry's forthcoming vegan cookie book.
i HAD to call them "grrrl",okay?
anyways,best snickerdoodles of my life.i ate one warm form the oven and omg i could've melted.wowowowow.

city grrrl snickerdoodles

city grrrl snickerdoodles

city grrrl snickerdoodles

city grrrl snickerdoodles

that's not a giant bowl of margarine,and it was not in these cookies.

city grrrl snickerdoodles ice creams!!!


VeggieGirl said...


Kiersten said...

YUM! I love cookie dough ice cream. I wish I could have tried some.

Kylie said...

How is it that you get to try out all of those amazing recipes beforehand?!?! I want em too!!!!

alaina said...

those cookies... WOW.

becoming brina said...


Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Shit, this makes me SO hungry! I want ice cream!!

tofufreak said...



Bex said...

those chocolate chip cookies look perfect

jaynepleighn said...

What chocolate chip cookie recipe was this? They look perfect.

herbivore said...

I love snickerdoodles, but I rarely make them (I think I have made them once.) I always forget about them, but they are oh so good.

Have you ever had Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter? It is heavenly. On everything.

Sal said...

cookie dough ice cream - drool!!

emma said...

Yum yummmmmm!

i'll see you at art that barks tomorrow, yes? i tried calling you tonight too!



PS- Could you please bring a cookie along for me tomorrow, please?

Hunde Haus said...

Please please please please pleeeaaase....what's the recipe for the Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies?

( I think I asked nicely enough :)

primaryconsumer said...

I am in love with this post.

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