Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Themed!Chocolate and Coconut!and again with the Bananas!Oh, and Lots of Breakfast Pictures

Easter Banana Bread.

banana bread with candy lentils-or vegan m&m's/smarties.
perfect for spring because of all the cute-sy pastel colours,right?
i guess that what makes it easter banana bread.delicious,nonetheless!

with a cappuccino at stumptown in the ace hotel.


speaking of cutes-y pastel-y spring-y colours...
vegan treats white chocolate pretzel brownie.
i got this from work.i love white chocolate,and i felt seasonally appropriate eating it,too.

the buttercream is a bit much,pretty unnecessary,but a solid brownie.also,pretzels!


another seasonally appropriate holiday dessert that i didn't make myself...

sweet and sara easter marshmallow sundae at lula's sweet apothecary.
with english toffee crunch ice cream and cake bater softserve.

these marshies made me miss peeps a whole lot less.
thanks sweet and sara!

peep peep.


okay,and one more homage to the best vegan spot in NYC,and spring,and pretty pastel colours...

strawberry and cake batter softserve twist with sprinkles and graham crackers.
c'mon,it looks like am easter egg basket,amirite?!

but derek likes to ugly things up...



strawberry softserve and peanut butter fudge ice cream.
like a pb&j,with rich fudge,and umm in ice cream form.hey.yeah.

i'll aslo say happy birthday to alyssa here-this was the ice cream i had at her party on sunday.sundae sunday.

BUT,of course,this is MY baking blog,so i guess i'll show off a bit of what i've been upto,baking wise.
i kind of have a second new obsession,but t's coinciding with the banana one:

(look,easter-y AND chocolate coconutty...ha!...also,i'd like to say that this theo TOASTED coconut dark chocolate bar was amazing.ariela thought it was 'too dark',but i thought it was really rich,and i LOVED the toasted coconut.very unique...)

chocolate and coconut and bananas.any of those three in combination,though preferably all together at once.
so let's start off with some 'breakfast-y' items...

banana chocolate coconut almond danish.
Chocolate Coconut Almond Banana Danish.
how good is chocolate and coconut?and almond?!and bananas?!
i love the combination of chocolate and coconut,and almonds and chocolate,and all of these things with bananas(duh)so it only made sense to make danishes with banana cream filling,chocolate cream filling,sprinkled with coconut and delicious roasted sliced almonds.mmm.

a breakfast shot.

but sometimes no frills is nice...

Chocolate Ganache Danish.
like a plain chocolate danish.filled with vegan cream cheese and a ganche-y,fudge-y chocolate filling.


and the 'no frills' idea carries over...

No Frills Banana Bread.
no frills,no jokes,no nonsense.
just plain ol' banana bread.pure and delish.
that's not to say that we don't love it with some other chocolate,fruit,gingers,coconut,almonds,walnuts....okay,sorry,i'll stop.contradicting myself.

with a cappuccino at el beit.
this coffee was surprisngly solid.el beit serves 49th parallel coffee roasters,from vancouver.i used to go to the actual 49th parallel cafe they opened in kitsilano and they had some of canada's best baristas working.(and a $9 per cup syphon...)anywhoo,i was really disappointed by the drinks made with the epic espresso when i tried this place when first moving here(2nd day in the city,actually!ha.didn't feel far from home...) and the clover brewed was just bad,like they weren't adjusting the machines at all.but i've been back here twice lately and it's been really good drinks.also,one of the baristas recognized me and happened to have worked at the shop in vancouver.small world,no?

another simple way to eat simple banana bread...



Chocolate Ginger Banana Bread.
a few weeks ago i had an order from kathryn for chocolate chip banana bread.
so i took the liberty of making some for myself and friends,y'knowjust to try it out,since i NEVER make banana bread,and i revived an old love of mine-chocolate gingers.
i used to eat chocolate covered crystallized ginger obsessively,then kind of forgot about it.
whatever.reunited and it feels so good.

the sweetness of the banana really calms down the ginger.i mean,the chocolate does,too,but it's much less the way gingerbread has a kick,but not too much.


a chocolate ginger...

and in a bar.

sorry,but the dirty counters that morning were very aesthetically pleasing.


end of banana here's some banana brad better.sooo yummy.

BUT of course,bananas get lonely again,like always and require a friend...sometimes another fruity friend...
Banana Berry Danish.
like berries!as in strawberry and blueberry fruit filling

and sometimes some mast brothers chocolate and hairbender espresso friends in a mocha don't hurt either...

but you know my true love will always shine through for...

Peanut Butter Banana Danish.
once when i first visited new york and satyed with isa,she told me that i was obsessed with peanut butter,that it was a phase,she recently went through it,and i'd get over it.HA.


with an amazing single origin kenya espresso from novo cappuccino @ cafe grumpy,chelsea.
i'd had the espresso a few times straight up at kaffe 1668,and in macchiatos.this stuff is like popcorn.
in a macchiato,it's like a rich.

novo kenya guest espresso macch-second week
kaffe 1668.

novo kenya espresso macchiato @ kaffe 1668.

novo kenya espresso macchiato @ kaffe 1668.
just a sip...

and i'll end this baking segement by taking us back to basics...

homemade banana walnut danish!
Banana Walnut Danish.
the classic combo.what else can i say?

homemade pb&blueberryjdanish!
Peanut Butter &(blueberry)J Danish.
yeah.classic like that combo,too.

BIG appetite in the AM...maybe?

sup,you flaky,puffy,pastry layers?

end of breakfast baking.
but not banana walnut-ness!

banana walnut malt.yum.


another baked:

Oatmeal Coconut Chocolate Chunk Raisin Walnut Everything Cookies.
i mentioned before about these being ariela's faves.well,i made them for her again.
i also made some for lauren when she ordered some goods a few weeks ago!

oatmeal coconut raisin chocolate chunk walut cookie dough.

kuromitsu & chocolate coconut twist.
speaking of ariela,we had amazing kuromitsu(japanese brown sugar) and chocolate coconut softserve at kyotofu a few weeks ago,too!

she got strawberries.i didn't.

more chocolate coconut:

go max go mahalo bar.
like a vegan almond joy.these rule.i don't know why they used to be my least fave...

also like an almond joy,but dark chocolate.also,really good.

coconut haystacks.

thanks and goodnight.


another ballpoint pen drawing of mine.

see the bananas?

of course you do,now.

p.s.s if anybody is interested in baked goods for yourself or loved one,you can contact me through :

or through the blog!!!


ariela said...

not only did i think it was too dark but you couldn't taste the coconut!!!

and omg that white chocolate pretzel is one of my favorite things ever!!! you should get one for me next time ;) just the pretzel (they used to sell them at lula's briefly, they're so good!!)

Stacy said...

I have to say, your drawings look just amazing. Almost as amazing as that marshmallow sundae looks, but... well, hey, marshmallow...

kaffe macchiato said...

Kaffe macchiato är gott! (Fin blogg förresten)

Jill said...

Nothing like a long post about chocolate, peanut butter, baked goods, ice cream and bananas to give me a craving for something sweet. I can't wait to get myself to NYC and try out some of these delicious looking creations!

gies said...

yum all this banana bread is adding this site to my links, hope that ok with you.