Sunday, July 5, 2009

S'mores Danishes!Portland;Let Live,Peanut Butter,Chocolate,Mangoes,Figs,a lot of Espresso and Espresso Drinks,Birthday Cake,and a bunch of Crazy Stuff

s'mores danish
so last weekend i went to portland,or for the Let Live animal rights conference.
my friend glenn gaetz from liberation bc was one of the speakers,so a car full of us drove down.

glenn being really attractive when we ran into each other at whole foods the night before leaving.

and knowing how people are,i knew that i should make something not only for the car pool,but for friends in portland, i made S'mores Dansihes.

s'mores danish

i used both Dandies Vegan Marshmallows and Sweet and Sara Vegan Marshmallows.

s'mores danish
straight from the oven,they puffed up like crazy.

s'mores danish

but as you know,some people are haters and think s'mores danishes sounds like 'too much' or something,i made fig and raspberry danishes,too.

some homeless lady at the food carts at 12th and hawthorne wouldn't leave us alone,so i gave her a raspberry one.

speaking of portland,and the food carts at 12th and hawthorne...

Peanut Butter Truffle and Caramels by Missionary Chocolates.
the truffle was super awesome,so rich.
but the caramels were unbelieveable.oh and only $0.50!

the next day after the conference,jess and i went to Barista.

Soy Latte from Barista.
like drinking a cloud.amazing.
we opted for ecco cafe espresso over stumptown and 49th parallel(no intelligentsia that day)

and while i'm at it...
almond and hemp milk
ALMOND/HEMP MILK Latte at Sweetpea Baking Company.
so i was kind of amazed by audra's latte art skills with almond/hemp milk(there's 1 place in vancouver that offers both of these milks for coffee,and they don't even try to do latte art with them...)and so when we saw her at the bye and bye on saturday night i was going on about how i'm a huge fan of hers through flickr,and the next day she made me this drink.and the taste was fantastic.a little hint of almond,and a lot sweeter than soy,but really really creamy.

loose trousers at the bye and bye.

albina soy
soy macchiato at albina press.
that morning i had an espresso and an espresso macchiato with soymilk.
and i had 2 really wonderful baristas.
the blonde girl told me about how soymilk is sometimes easier to work with,especially now with the barista series soymilks which contain canola oil,and the brunette gu talked to me about how he studied sound art at smfa and how i'm going to cooper union in the fall.

and it's kind of a given how the coffee was.

soy macchiato at coffee plant.

moments after having incredible espresso at spella coffee cart with maeve and jess.

something like latte art...

i was planning to only be in portland for the weekend,but i stayed until wednesday and helped isa pack.oh,and i had to go to new seasons a lot.AND change the cat's like i never left home...
and i guess a few more to wrap up pdx eats...

Multigrain Apple Cranberry Bran Muffin from Black Sheep Bakery.
moist and really big and delicious.
I love bran muffins.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bar from Laughing Planet on Mississippi.
ummm,WHY have i never heard anybody mention these before until isa asked me to get one when i picked up dinner?!

tried tay berries for the first time at new seasons.nothing too special.

and ate a lot of fresh figs.zomg.
the huge one is turkish brown,smaller ones and black mission.

speaking of fresh figs...

Chocolate Peanut Butter Coconut Bliss with Fresh Figs,Raspberries,Mango,and Banana.
so,yeah.i love peanut butter and mangoes,okay?and on monday after noon i went to the store to get chocolate ice cream and ended up getting this:

i've tried a few other flavours,and really liked the vanilla,but this was better.BUT there wasn't enough peanut butter.please work on that.also at the store i picked up:

isa really liked this one a did have really good texture,but i think chocolate ice cream is kinna lame,so i wish it had more fudge swirl.great texture though.isa said she liked it more than the coconut milk ones,but i haven't tried enough of those to be a good judge.

okay.end of portland.but not the end of peanut butter and mangoes...

Mango Peanut Butter Chocolate Parfait.
i made these a few days before i left.
it is layers of:
fresh mango
peanut butter mousse
chocolate mousse
and topped with peanut butter granola

peanut butter mousse.

chocolate mousse.

Chocolate Mousse Birthday Cake.

i got a really immediate order for a birthday cake earlier in the week,so i utilized the mousse in a different way to make a cake.

chocolate cake
chocolate mousse filling
two layers chocolate ganache
more ganache and mousse ontop

same day i had an order for brownies...

Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies.

and i'll end with the oldest stuff i've put off posting...

Go Max Go Candy Bars-Buccaneer and Jokerz.
i have to say,these candy bars and phenomenal.especially the Jokerz.(peanuts,duuh)especially from the freezer.dissolving in yr mouth,except is cold and hard and can only dissolve so much and then you bite into it and the frozen caramel and peanut butter and chocolate is so thick and chewy and rich...zedohmygod.
and i never even though about 3 musketeers bars since going vegan,but the whipped nougat in these is just like it,and again,so darn tasty.these are awesome.
at let live my friend joanne bought me a Mahalo,which i really liked,but not as much as these two.i did share it with somebody else though,so maybe i didn't get to fully appreciate it.whatevs,these things rule.

and post bake sale,pre portland...

the day after my last bake sale,sarah wanted more of the muffins i had made,so took me to whole foods to pay for the ingredients to make more Mixed Berry Muffins.

and i also made some Banana-Oatmeal-Coconut-Almond Muffins,just cause they're really good.

besides lots of muffins,i've been baking a lot of East Coast Coffee Cake from Vegan Brunch.


chocolate chip.


one was for my dad who visited a few weeks ago from california.we went to gibsons,too.

and on the ferry ride i ate this:

and kind of like a ferry,but not,i took james,my brother's boyfriend on the sea bus for the first time.and i know that's not important,but i think he's like the best person ever and just want an excuse to post his picture.

soy latte at jj bean on main street in vancouver.


ally. said...

wow...that mousse....its just beautiful! the pb & the chocolate one. i could live on chocolate mousse swirled with pb ^-^

nora said...

everything looks wonderful as usual! it was nice to meet you at Let Live, and i LOVED lula's in NYC! I had a carrot cake/PB fudge sundae with hot fudge and strawberry sauce and ginger O's! :) said...

I don't even know where to start with this one...everything looks amazing. I think I want a danish the most though!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

1) I <3 you and I am so sad we weren't our usual inseparable selves in PDX. You know what that means!

2) I love James' tshirt and I know you do! Is he a barista? I feel like you would have mentioned this...

3) Your raspberry danish was fantastic.

4) Chicago Soy Dairy needs to hook you up!

Sherri - PDX Yogini said...

Yeah, the danishes look absolutely amazing. I think I will be dreaming about them.

Nicole ( said...

i want to eat all of this!!!

Kiersten said...

Everything looks amazing Evan! I don't even know what to comment on first. Your choc mousse cake is beautifully decorated.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

So much to take in! SO, I should have been there with you guys, just sayin'. S'mores Danish haters are crazy. Dandies por vida! Glad you liked the Go Max Go bar too! They're talking about doing some with marshmallow!