Wednesday, February 6, 2008

baklava,,more peanut butter cream cheeze brownies,not so yummy cake,and older stuff.

I made baklava from the joy of vegan baking.the recipe made me decide to buy that book,and the fact that it was 20% off.i don't think i'll make a lot of recipes from the book since there's only a few that seem interesting or exciting,but i'm excited to have a new book!
Baklava from the joy of vegan baking.allie-pie/veruda's porn made me want to make it really bad.
oh and the baklava in awesome.i used macadamia nuts,walnuts,pistachios,hazelnuts and almonds.Daniel is in love with it too.There's barely any left.i can't wait to make it again,really.


and here's karl and I on monday night,just because.

Peanut Butter Cream Cheeze Brownies from Cozy Inside! AGAIN.I made these just 2 1/2 weeks ago.SO good.Incredibly rich,decadent and fudgy.Like more than any other brownie ever.And of course there's the peanut butter.


Marshmallow Mudd Cake
from My Sweet Vegan.
I made this last Wednesday.I was really excited for it and despite looking good neither Daniel or I liked it and were really disappointed.One person told me before I made it that the cake section wasn't very good,but we didn't like any of it.


Here's some stuff from about 2 1/2 weeks ago that I swear I posted about but apparently didn't.Oh well:

peanut butter shortbread cookies.
tester for isa and terry's upcoming cookie book!
these are awesomely melt in yr mouth peanut buttery delights.

Banana Bread.
Recipe from,but I used oil instead of margarine,a little extra salt and 5 mashed bananas.This was perfect.Just what I wanted.I find most vegan banana breads to bee too dry,un banan-y,not moist/dense enough,or too moist/dense and not really risen.But as you can obviously see this rose,and it was perfectly moist and very banana-y,probably because I out so many bananas in it.Yum.I made it Sunday and Wednesday I ate the last slice toasted with peanut butter.



Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Brownies from Cozy Inside.I made these in the summer once.They're my new favourites.Daniel,when he came home on Tuesday cut 1/4 of the 8x8 pan and ate the whole piece.I don't even like cream cheese,but I LOVE these.They're so fudgy and goey and it's all peanut buttery chocolate melty-ness in yr face.


peanut shaped peanut butter truffles from
sidecar for pig's peace in seattle,wa.



Romina said...

WOW! that Baklava is astonishingly gorgeous. Mmm.

And your cake is just amazing. If you put it in a bakery window I would buy it in a heartbeat.

VeggieGirl said...

**unconscious, after passing out from a sugar-induced coma from Evan's tantalizing blog posts**

VeggieGirl said...

Evan, I just saw the comment you left me, on your previous post - I don't know why I typed "ice cream sandwiches," since I definitely knew that they were pb-banana cookie sandwiches. I must have been really tired, haha.

trina said...

Oh good god, those brownies...I'm going to eat that cookbook.

Kenzi said...

You're my heroo.
Your baking is very ispirational,
and also very awsome, and so
are yous.