Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Valentie's Da(y)nish!

heart-shaped raspberry danish
Raspberry Cream Cheese Hear Shaped Danish.

to commemorate the holiday of all holidays,the one that proves yr worth and how much others REALLY love you,and whether or not you're an important human being, I made heart-shaped danishes!

heart-shaped raspberry danish

heart-shaped raspberry danishes
great name,no?

i made some last year,but i feel that these ones are much pretty and more heart-y.
hearty, or heart-y?that is the REAL question.

and now i will leave you with the quintessential valentine's day hero,and my future marriage match: mine,cathy.
just kidding,because i already am cathy,sorry.or at least we're soul mates.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


today i made vegan almond/chocolate bear claws
almond/chocolate bear claw pastries.


today i made bear claws.
they are fluffy,flaky,buttery pastries filled with a sweet 'n' creamy almond filling.and i made some chocolate ones.yeah.
real bakery stuffs.

almond filling.
almond filling.

i used my own recipe for pastry dough and then kind of winged the filling,which was only a few ingredients.
i'm pretty excited.i hope that you are,too.

bitten bear claw.

also,i am in love with the name "bear claw".claw.
i remember always seeing bear claws at starbucks when my sister worked there and i would visit her.
as i told jess earlier after i made these,starbucks is my biggest inspiration for you think i would ever be facetious?!

one more for good measure:
chocolate almond bear claw.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Candied Yam Cinnamon Rolls.Yeah.

Candied Yam Cinnamon Roll.

these bad guys are sweet potato cinnamon rolls with maple candied pecans and vegan marshmallows rolled up inside.
so it's like every element of a candied yam,but in a cinnamon roll.

My friend(and former PPKer who came to the first Gathering!) Sara is a total hater,but when I told her about these,she said "now that's inspired".So that just proves they're the best right there.

Sweet Potato Cinnamon Roll.

in the case.

how amazing are sweet potatoes?!?!





i thought that i hated them until 2 days after i moved to new york. because i hate potatoes more than any other food ever and i thought they were really similar,wrong. also,at work i've been making savoury biscuits with roasted sweet potatoes, butternut squash,and spices dusted with sea salt.they're really good. unfortunately most of them time i make them i put daiya cheese in them because everyone and there mother (except for jess,thank you!!!) loves it,but i think it's gross and the smell.
but i've been making sweet potato pie, sweet potato danishes, and sweet potato muffs,too.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Best Cinnamon Roll Of Yr Life Oh & I A Really Awesome New All-Vegan Bakery Oh And "Hi!"Vegan MoFo!!

Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Roll.

hey.long time no talk.yeah,i much has happened.i mean,cathy,my all time fave comic has stopped being published.time flys.sorry.started school,my mom stayed with me,gonna have a drawing in a real show later this month,blah blah blah.oh,and i started baking at a really amazing's called CHAMPS,and is in williamsburg.there's like a million reasons to come check it out,but this post is gonna focus on just one-cinnamon rolls.

Cinnamon Roll Tail.

i was gonna write a super huge crazy post with pics of some of the great stuff,like huge peach danishes(and a myriad of other flavours,like chocolate,maple walnut,pb&j,cherry cheese,etc etc etc)cake ballz,pignoli,really buttery scones,tender,cheesy apple walnut biscuits,gluten free flaky pies,s'mores muffins,blah blah blah.but me personally,i'm really into these.and so iis pretty much everyone else coming in friday-sunday,even a lot of mondays lately.they sell out fast,oh and they're like the size of yr head!!!literally!!



i fell like i've really perfected you know,i've been making crazy cinnamon rolls forever,and think it's really down.
also,every day we have em,i make plain ones,and 2 or 3 secil flavours,like...

Caramelized Apple Cinnamon Roll.


Maple Candied Pecan & Walnut Cinnamon Roll.


Plain Ol' Cinnamon Roll.
hey,that rhymes.har.

Blueberry and Slivered Almond Cinnamon Roll.


eat it,grrrl.

Toasted Coconut Almond Cinnamon Roll.
i KNOW i KNOW,you can't see the coconut nor almonds.BUT one boy did come in,eat one,loved it,ate another,and then went outside and front of my mom,too.she said she was proud.

nosy lady.


SO YEAH.there's been some other ones,but they out kinna fast,and i'm busy making stuff so i don't always get to photograph the strawberry rolls.but whatevs.lots to come.

oh,and also,i decided i'm gonna start updating everyday in spirit of getting ready for VegnMoFo.
i mean,posts about one thing,or one theme/idea/dessert,like this.not crazy long ones that come along every month and a half like i usually do.


WAY more exciting cinnamon roll tomorrow!!!

katies,meghan,rocky and i were in last weeks NY PRESS.
that's also a cinnamon roll in one of my hands.and a banana cream pie.okay bye.


my favorite past cinnamon roll pic is here.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Baking In The Sun(HA!)-Danishes,Dates,Dried Figs,Chocolate Chunks,Cinnamon Sugared Apples,Sesame Seeds,Banana Bread,Banana Cookies,Brunch,& Ice Cream

PB&J Danish.
to boot.

upon the fields of barley, you'll forget the sun in his jealous sky,as we walk in fields of gold-en,flaky,crakly,buttery,soft danish pastry dough.
not cheesy,funny!okay?

besides danishes,i've been doing other baking too,okay?like these:

Banana Sesame Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies.
so,i've been really into sesame lately.really.a sue i combined it with other things i obviously bananas,oatmeal cookies,and chocolate.scrumptious,chewy,crunchy,and a tad chocolate-y.

with a macchiato from stumptown in the ace hotel.
oatmeal and bananas make these very,very healthy,right?!

and of course,bananas,are an excellent segue guessed it...

Banana Chocolate Chunk Bread.
a veritable classic.recently someone i baked for back in april told me they "still dream about that banana chocolate chip bread".


obviously this was made to be eaten with peanut butter,as a delightful sammich.well,to MADE to be,but MADE that way.

chocolate isn't everything,'s about fruit?

Cinnamon Sugar Banana Oatmeal Bread.
the cinnamon sugar apples give this the most invigorating smell,and the texture of the chewy apples and oatmeal is to die of my fave loafs.

who doesn't love peanut butter and oats?or peanut butter and apples?

Banana Bread with Medjool Dates.
brought this when i was working at the rogan sample sale.
my roommate kind of mentioned to her co workers that i baked....turned out well!


Dried Fig Banana Bread.
dried figs are great in banana bread-chew AND crunch from the seeds.
i prefer calimyrna or turkish figs.the big golden ones,over little black mission figs.which of course,still have their place.

here's some fresh fig food porn.since it's summer,and they're here,and they're uh-ma-zing.

White Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies.

and every weekend for everyman espresso i baked white chocolate peanut butter oatmeal cookies:

White Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies with Dark Chocolate Chips.
great mix.i love me some white chocolate peanut butter.

and some things i didn't bake that were delicious,and probably peanut butter-y or something:

sea salt pretzel with peanut butter sauce from sigmund pretzel shop.
amazing,chewy,bready,pretzels.with peanut butter.sweet and salty.

peanut butter and mango on toasted bread.
like a pb&j,but with fresh haitian mango.seriously,peanut butter and mango is an amazing over looked combo.

peanut butter,banana,and cashew butter sammich.

why a picture?because it's the best and must not be forgotten in all the complex amazing peanut butter combo whatever goodness.i guess.

Lunch Box Special PB&J from Peanut Butter and Co and Cappuccino from Third Rail Coffee.
another plain ol pb&j.but this one was like,$7 or something.
BUT amazing coffee from third rail,one of the best specialty coffee shops in nyc,hands down.serving both intelligentsia and stumptown coffee roasters beans,now.


another different type of peanut butter sammich:

back to nature peanut butter cookies.
if oreos were organic and basically all made of peanut butter.i must say,superior even to peanut butter newman os.

sweet and sara peanut butter s'mores.
i've written about these so many times,and the incredible sara sohn and her marshmallows,but these rule.even the graham cracker cookies crust thing alone is tops.totally deserved that big article in the newest vegnews,too!

and it's the hottest summer of my life.could it be more appropriate that i am more obsessed than ever with vegan softserve from kyotofu?

this is raspberry.4th of july-i love america-heat record-breaking(literally) raspberry:


raspberry chocolate swirl softserve.hay.

i had two this day-i went back when i watched the fireworks from 51st street and 11th ave.only 2 aves and 2 blocks away!
fireworks kind of sucked though.i left before the finale.

lemon softserve.
second time i've gone and they had this,second time it's been refreshing and lemon-y,but SO creamy.gah!


passionfruit & chocolate softserve swirl.
passionfruit chocolate twist softserve.
didn't know passionfruit could be so great.

but i'm saving the best for last:

strawberry softserve@kyotofu
strawberry softserve.
kathryn hostettler of the blog 'best vegan thing i ever ate' on girly girl army is interviewing me for september(whoo!) and i almost chose this as the 'best vegan thing i ever ate'.

i went back twice and had 3 of them:

strawberry with strawberry sauce.

strawberry green tea swirl.
strawberry green tea twist.oooh.

matcha softserve.
matcha green tea softserve.

but the vegan world is clearly not devoid in the ice cream category considering how many other places i've seem to had it:

banana and pistachio soy gelato @ scoopz.
Banana(!!!!) and Pistachio(!!) SOY GELATO from Scoopz in Park Slope.
randomly found this place one morning while coming back with a friend from them filming a show at a coffee shop on atlantic.
delicious,too.great banana.


and of course,lula's,more popluar than ever,is still here:
caramel graham cracker marshmallow.
caramel graham cracker marshmallow.

banana split with strawberry,peanut butter fudge,and cookies n cream ice cream,hot caramel sauce,graham cracker,whipped cream,and a cherry on top.
not a joke.

peanut butter fudge.

also not a joke-i ALMOST didn't finish it.i know,i know.

toffee nut crunch,vanilla,and cookies n cream sundae to go.


and of course,you've heard of soft serve mondays,no?

well the first i went to was strawberry,and it was fave softserve lula's pumps out.

strawberry softserve.

thank god they still had some the following wednesday!


and well,when it's 2 in the morning,and you're coming back from seeing glasscandy and just obnoxiously,but you swear it was accidentally,drank 2 long island iced teas,and really need an ice cream fix,you soemtimes turn to the corner store,and given this is nyc you soemtimes come across gems like:

purely decadent coconut milk ice creams.

this one didn't have enough add-ins,but okay nonetheless.

BEST BY FAR!i LOVED cookies n cream.would get again.marry me.AND this one was FREE b/c i asked to sample it and after the girl was just like "well,if you liked it....take it!".score for me AND vegan ice cream.

free sample pint!
see?that says like,free,and the clerks signature.

this was the actual one i ate after seeing glasscandy,at the window of was great.needed more chocolate covered almonds,and less plain almonds,though!

another winner,BUT y'know how sometimes you've never tried pomegranate ice cream,try it,love it,get excited,and then eat it till yr stomach hurts?bin-go.

and,well,i've had some pretty fancy ice creams this summer,too.
at candle 79,when a certain special somebody took me these for brunch.

mixed berry crepe with coconut cream,vanilla ice cream,and chocolate sauce.
so dessert like it hurt.and it hurt good.the coconut cream was SO fluffy and amazing.

but of course there was real dessert.real,ice cream-y dessert:

home made watermelon,lavender,and chocolate vanilla swirl ice creams.
lavender was the real winner here.first time having it,too!

chocolate-peanut butter bliss.
with some o' that chocolate vanilla swirl ice cream a top.

cannoli with vanilla chocolate chip ice cream.
i dunno how authentic these were since i was never a cannoli eater(that i can remember...)before i was vegan,but they were great.loved that crunch.


and the meal was pretty desserty,too,but it ruled-

waffles with strawberries,bananas,candied pecans and maple syrup.

pancakes with strawberry compote and strawberry butter.
these were SO die for.omgomgomg.

strawberry butter.

banana blueberry mini muffs.

and i'll end with the fancy brunch drinks:

watermelon green chile sake martini.

ginger rush.

french 79.

besides ice cream,how about some other refreshing treats?

People's Pops Apricot Creme popsicle.
i got this baby when sarchan and i went to see camera obscura play for free at brooklyn flea last month.


actual chunks of apricots!

sara was lame and only had some crazy iced nectarine lemonade or something like that.okay,i guess it wasn't lame,but still.


and most refreshing of all...


i have drawings up at cafe grumpy in chelsea until the end of august!so go see!and get a postcard!


and i'll end with some new drawings:


this one is really big!
well for me,and ballpoint pen...

okay,i am gonna update again really really soon,like a week,because my sister just visited and i'll make a special post all about that,because there was lots of great baking(duh) and sweets eatings.