Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Valentie's Da(y)nish!

heart-shaped raspberry danish
Raspberry Cream Cheese Hear Shaped Danish.

to commemorate the holiday of all holidays,the one that proves yr worth and how much others REALLY love you,and whether or not you're an important human being, I made heart-shaped danishes!

heart-shaped raspberry danish

heart-shaped raspberry danishes
great name,no?

i made some last year,but i feel that these ones are much pretty and more heart-y.
hearty, or heart-y?that is the REAL question.

and now i will leave you with the quintessential valentine's day hero,and my future marriage match: mine,cathy.
just kidding,because i already am cathy,sorry.or at least we're soul mates.


KitteeBee said...

these are marvelous. so pretty rayray!


Anonymous said...

WHERE R YOU!!!!??? UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1